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TV Review: GREY’S ANATOMY: Season 10, Episode 24: Fear (of the Unknown)

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ABC‘s Grey’s Anatomy Fear (of the Unknown) TV Show Review. Grey’s Anatomy: Season 10, Episode 24: Fear (of the Unknown) bid an emotional adieu to the beloved Sandra Oh, during Thursday’s season finale.

At the top of this episode, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) finished packing for Zurich and prepared to say her last goodbyes to her pals. Before we could even settle in to the finale there was an explosion at the Seattle Mall of the Woods. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) had known that Cristina was stopping at the mall before heading to the airport, and the writers took us on a mini wild ride as we wondered, was this the way they were going to say so long to Dr. Yang? We were relieved when she showed up back at the hospital (seemingly out of nowhere) to help with the victims of the explosion.

Cristina was busily preparing for Link’s (the last of the kids with the heart afflictions) surgery, and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) explained that there was not a terrorist attack and helped to push a reluctant Cristina to the door. She said she needed something (the surgery) to feel finished before she left. “None of it feels finished. Owen and I, we split over something that hasn’t even happened and we never even split up. And you and I are not finished. George is dead; Izzie is gone. It’s supposed to be you and me and Alex, and now nothing is finished. I don’t feel finished,” Cristina insisted.

Meredith was the strong one and explained to Cristina that she didn’t feel finished “because this isn’t the end for you, there is no finish line…you just have to go.” Meredith then forced Cristina through the hospital. On the way out, Cristina passed Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) in the hallway, and with an deep ardent hug, she pulled away and said goodbye. His goodbye back to her was heartfelt, deep and filled with all of our wishes (and the beginning of our tears) for Cristina Yang. “Take on Me” by A-ha was a nice choice here.

When Shane realized she was leaving, he asked Cristina to take him to Switzerland with her. “I want to be in charge of my education, and I choose you.” She said yes and Shane quit right then and there.

Owen had missed his opportunity earlier to say goodbye when Cristina was in surgery…and now, before walking out the door for the final time, Cristina stood in the gallery and held her hands to the glass to wave farewell to Owen, who was now working. The camera held on them both as they teared up. Owen returned to surgery, and when he looked up again, she was gone.

Outside, Meredith was putting Cristina in a cab when her donor heart for the Link surgery arrived. Meredith forced her to let go of the cooler. “What do you need, an ‘I love you’ or something? I love you. Call me when you get there.” And Cristina waved goodbye while Meredith’s eyes filled with tears. We thought that was it…

When Cristina made a surprise return…to dance it out! “That’s how we finish,” Cristina said in a nod to their early days. “We’ll call each other twice a month. Take care of Owen. Take care of Alex…mock him…don’t get on any little tiny planes that can crash or stick your hand in a body cavity that has a bomb in it or get in the way of a gunman…don’t be a hero,” Cristina said in yet another nod to their past. “You’re my person and I need you alive. You make me brave.” Meredith then played their song, “Where Does the Good Go” by Tegan and Sarah. In a sublime moment when the camera slowed down, we watched Meredith and Cristina “dance it out.” We know that this is it, the writers have been effective…we are overjoyed by the display of friendship, broken hearted by their loss of each other.

In the final scene, Cristina had arrived in Zurich, and we saw her desk surrounded with photos of her GSMH friends. Shane came to the door to get her for surgery, as she closed the door behind her, the door read: Dr. Cristina Yang, Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

A fitting last shot. After 10 seasons, Cristina had realized her dream.

“He’s very dreamy, but he is not the sun, you are,” said Cristina to Meredith. Words that helped her to stand up to Derek and fight to stay in Seattle. Whether Derek stays as well will keep us hanging off that cliff until next season.

This episode was a touching, honorable farewell to Sandra Oh.

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