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TV Review: HOMELAND: Season 5, Episode 2: The Tradition of Hospitality [Showtime]

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Showtime‘s Homeland The Tradition of Hospitality TV Show Review. Homeland: Season 5, Episode 2: The Tradition of Hospitality continued how relevant the show has become to the United States’ current Geo-political diplomatic efforts and over-seas operations.

CIA Special Operations Group Operative Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend)’s “assignment” with the ISIS recruiter was intriguing to behold: how patient he was, how he blended into the crowd and backgrounds so he went unnoticed or was perceived as ordinary, a pedestrian, not a threat. It was illuminating seeing a real spy at work in a modern situation.

The meat on the bone, though, during these scenes was not Quinn but the ISIS recruiter. For months we have heard of teens going off to join ISIS (as well as teens that were stopped from going). This section of The Tradition of Hospitality put all that into perspective and showed teens freely willing to join ISIS. It was fascinating seeing a person “sell” salvation, hope, and ISIS to an impressible youth.

Head of Security Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes)’s skill set was on full display in The Tradition of Hospitality. The deal that Carrie cut for her boss Otto Düring (Sebastian Koch)’s safety at the refugee camp showed her negotiating prowess and the fact that she ‘knows her enemy,’ or at least the people that she was negotiating with.

During the SUV escape sequence in The Tradition of Hospitality, Carrie’s mind was still assessing her environment and everything that she saw. It is that mental nimbleness that separates her from most of the other characters on Homeland. Quinn has it as well but he doesn’t get himself into the situations that Carrie does so it’s less apparent.

When CIA Berlin Station Chief Allison Carr (Miranda Otto) called out CIA European Division Chief Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) for not coming to her aid as viciously as he would have for Carrie, she was absolutely correct. Carrie is special to Saul. He would have pulled out all the stops, called in every favor he had to save Carrie. For someone else, for Allison, his hands were tied. For Carrie, the gloves would have come off. The both of them knew it was true even if Saul was adamant about not admitting it out loud. His past actions on Carrie’s behalf spoke for him, loud and clear.

Allison saving herself, throwing Saul to the wolves, was a brilliant moment. It was also a character moment for her as well. It established that Allison is not the type of person to wait around to be saved by someone else. She is the type of person that can assess the chessboard, the players on it, and use the obvious as leverage to save herself. My guess is that Allison was successful with the case that she made to CIA Director Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham).

Who has green-lit Carrie Mathison at CIA? That was big question birthed during the concluding moments of The Tradition of Hospitality.

My guess is that Adal has green-lit Carrie. As CIA Director, he probably found out about the photos of the reporter and Carrie together before Saul did. In that moment, with all the information at hand, Adal most-likely made a decision, a lethal one for Carrie. If Adal he was behind the bombing, it was a stroke of genius on his part (if it had been successful). Everyone would have thought the target was Carrie’s boss, not her. There would never have been an investigation into Carrie’s death. Her death would have been seen as collateral damage and nothing more. As I said, it was extremely clever. Unfortunately, he underestimated Carrie’s skill and observation skills hence the introduction of Quinn into the situation.

Regarding Quinn and his newest assignment, like Saul, Quinn has affection for Carrie. That affection will keep him from pulling the trigger (Adal should have anticipated that. Sending Quinn and not another operative was folly of Adal part, if Adal is behind this. Real-world Adal would never have made that mistake. The real Adal would have sent someone else. ). I do not even have to guess on that, it’s a fact. Quinn already acted on Carrie’s behalf to the detriment of someone else last season. He will have no qualms about doing it again. Quinn will most-likely warn Carrie that CIA wants her dead. That will give Carrie a small window to: 1.) disappear forever (that will never happen for a number of factors: a.) the show would be over, b.) her baby, etc.), 2.) go to Saul for help (risky because of their current relationship and Saul may have been the one that green-lit her – Carrie would have thought of this possibility), or 3.) go directly to the CIA to confront the person who most-likely gave the kill order – Adal.

My guess is a either 3.) or a combination of 2.) and 3.). What is your guess?

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