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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 2, Episode 13: The Whopper [The CW]

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The CW’s iZombie The Whopper TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 2, Episode 13: The Whopper has started getting a little more tighter in plot as the episodes have gotten serialized with the cases of the week being linked to the overall seasonal arc. This change of pace is what makes these episodes so great as we finally find the connection with Liv (Rose McIver) and the rest of the characters. Even for ‘The Whopper’, we get some developments with the drug rivalry between Blaine (David Anders) and Stacey Boss (Eddie Jemison).

This week’s episode manages to do what the recent episodes for the second half of the season is doing, which is tying all the storylines of season two together. There have been complaints that the show has been adding too much into the serialized elements, but we can be thankful that all the characters have a bigger part to play. Even the recurring characters aren’t playing any small parts like Drake (Greg Finley) fitting into the larger plot of Blaine’s brain business. Liv and Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) are starting to put two and two together as they begin to crack down on both Boss and Blaine’s overall plans in the upcoming crime war.

There were some big twists and turns during the episode as the story moved forward and revealed some interesting details. Liv starts to make the connection with her new flame Drake and learns where the bodies are buried so that she, Major (Robert Buckley), and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) can start getting the Utopium they need. It’s a good thing they found it in time, since New Hope has died from the cure. It is now a race against time for Ravi as he tries to concoct a proper cure to save Major and Blaine from a similar fate.

Blaine also makes a discovery where he finds out that Major is the Chaos Killer and forces him to work for him. The first order of business for Major was to bring back Blaine’s father Angus (Robert Knepper) from the dead after he dupes Blaine out of the will. This puts Major in the center of all the characters as he is the bridge that connects Blaine, Boss, and Max Rager’s CEO Vaughn Du Clarke, who are the three villains for much of season two. However, Blaine knowing about Major’s secret could also mean that Liv will soon find out. There would be so much repercussions on Liv and Major’s relationship once Liv finds out that Major is a zombie killer. Even Liv has been lying to Major, but only partially because of the brains she has eaten, turning her into a pathological liar.

In just a couple of episodes, iZombie manages to create a connected series of plots, with each one being just as important as the rest. Every character in the series now has a connection with the season two arcs, whether they like it or not. The writers really made sure that the emotional scenes don’t outweigh the overall plot. One example would be Major and Liv’s conversation where it led to his meeting with Blaine, which also brought in some emotions between them since their break-up. The two of them still look out for each other, even as they get caught up in situations that are out of their control.

The ending of the episode was perfect as the show starts playing a piece from Les Miserables. The song works well with the final moments in the episode, showing Blaine’s confrontation with his father and also Liv, Major, and Blaine’s discovery of the bodies. That was a great way to close the episode with some sense of hope for the characters.

‘The Whopper’ proved to be a strong hour for iZombie’s second season. There was so much plot development as much of the characters are now linked with what may soon happen in the last few episodes of the season. The show has made some great use of the music to match with some of the key scenes. The mystery of the show’s seasonal arc is intriguing, yet the writers find a way to keep it entertaining and funny through great interactions with the characters.

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