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TV Review: LEGENDS: Season 1, Episode 5: Rogue [TNT]

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TNT’s Legends Betrayal TV Show Review. Legends: Season 1, Episode 5: Rogue takes us another level deeper into the twisted world of Martin Odum (Sean Bean). After following him incapacitating terrorists, defusing The Colonel (Alon Aboutboul) and coping with the mysterious message left with him by The Stranger (Billy Brown), Martin faces his most difficult challenge yet…finding himself.

 I think it’s safe to assume that after the level of stress Martin worked under dealing with the Colonel, there was no other way to move forward without him taking some time off. We are literally seeing the very fibers of his world come apart after each legend plays out. In this case, it was a good choice to force him to go on leave for a while. Episode 5 cleverly borrows some juice from films with a similar lost memory storyline. “Jacobs Ladder and Angel Heart,” immediately come to mind and the only thing missing…is the Devil. Then again, the Government has many names. I can really appreciate when bits from other classic films make it in without an after taste. The scenes with him finding soldiers that remember him are eerie.

 The flirting that took place between Crystal McGuire (Ali Larter) and Tony Rice (Morris Chestnut) was a very interesting play. Crystal appears to be a very different person when she is off the clock and can turn on you in seconds. Watching them team up to get some answers was a very wise choice. Both are strong willed characters who don’t want to be wrong. Rice had already killed his opportunity to get help From Nelson Gates (Steve Harris) and is showing us much by choosing to work on Crystal. There is an opportunity here for her to get answers about Martin’s past that could possibly change the dynamic that exists between them. For now it’s entertaining watching them join Martin going Rogue.

 After the death of the first tech and losing Ana Paulanos (Necar Zadegan) in the last episode, I was very surprised to see Martin reach out to Maggie Harris (Tina Majorino) for help. He did show a little concern about her safety but it was too brief. His last helper was killed and he is living with this knowledge. It’s a good thing her character is very well portrayed it balances things out. She is not only fascinated by his abilities on the job, she also finds him interesting off the job. Martin, who is fresh on leave, needed very little prompting to slip into another of his many legends. The latest, Len Bartlow is a bit of a southern outlaw. This time, his transformation appeared to be a little forced. Maybe he was showing off for Tina. At this point it’s hard to tell and feels like shaky ground. After Tina gets information on Kyle Dobson (Kirk Acevedo), another character who may know something about his past, Martin hops on a plane and wastes no time infiltrating Kyle’s base of operations.

 This episode has finally opened some really interesting doors and we now know his wife (Amber Valletta) is a part of this elaborate cover up. I guess my biggest question is why are they allowing Martin to stay alive? He was told some of the other operatives in Operation Raining Fire were all dead. Maybe they were trying to kill him in that car accident his wife reminds him about. The plot just keeps getting thicker and thicker. Is Martin ready for what he may find?

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