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TV Review: LEGENDS: Season 1, Episode 7: Quicksand [TNT]

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TNT’s Legends Quicksand TV Show Review. Legends: Season 1, Episode 7: Quicksand is not only the 7th episode of this series. It may also be a hint where the show is headed if the writing doesn’t get back in the groove. Martin Odum (Sean Bean), after almost having a mental breakdown in the last few episodes, decides to ignite another legend…Sebastian Egan.

After causing a major ruckus in Houston, watching Kyle Dobson (Kirk Acevedo) die and some dangerous weaponry disappear, Martin ends up sitting with Nelson Gates (Steve Harris). This sit down attempts to bridge a few issues and ignores how badly the last mission ended. Gates produces that now infamous picture of Martin as a soldier. He tells him the picture is a fake without thinking that by doing so he is only making Martin more curious and confused. By his very nature and how he has been established, Nelson should know by now Martin is not going to just drop this. It is consuming him. Nelson also suggests he should get back with his wife, Sonya Odum (Amber Valletta). The problem with that suggestion is…he and his wife separated because of his job. Gates didn’t tell him he had a few months off to get his head right, so how is he going to just magically get his marriage back on track? He is still assuming the role of different Legends and having a harder time going back to being Martin.

The one refreshing moment in this episode, was seeing Maggie Harris (Tina Majorino) not only got a make over, but we find out she has a boyfriend. While sitting through a mission briefing, we also find out her favorite women’s rights activist, Hani Jabril (Christine Adams), is somehow involved in an impending terrorist plot. Her innocence in this episode keeps the whole affair light. A mild distraction when other things aren’t working too well.

Something new has been added. Tony Rice (Morris Chestnut) gets transferred to DCO and starts working with Martin on a case. This dynamic is going to be very interesting. In a dramatic TV show it’s good to have conflict. There is a very thin line between that conflict becoming too soap opera and just getting too complicated. The conflict between Martin and Crystal McGuire (Ali Larter) was working and needed to be played up. Bringing Rice in the middle of it all throws that off and competes with it. There were hints Crystal could be attracted to Rice. We were also re introduced to Rice having possible issues with his wife. On top of that, Gates is not too happy about Rice being in his house. With Martin struggling with his memory…simple is better.

With Prince Abboud (Mido Hamada) coming to town and the team trying to figure out who may be targeting him for assassination, Martin becomes Sebastian Egan, a drinker, socialist and writer no one has ever seen in person. Before we even get into the significance or believability of Sebastian Egan, we need to take a step back and ask why everyone on this team is acting like Martin didn’t almost lose it on his last few missions. The whole concept of taking on a new Legend is starting to become too much of a novelty. Martin, by his own gestures was greatly affected after the death of Kyle Dobson. He failed to protect him and gain any upper hand on his search. This new role he assumes feels like a character from a theater production. In other words, it’s getting cheesy. Even Gates smiling and somehow forgetting he told Martin he wanted him to take some time off is acting like he never suggested such. The rinse and repeat formula will kill this show. The best part of Martin becoming this character was how Rice reacted to him putting it to work. Aside from that, the conflict between Rice and Martin works.

The scene with Sonya making her play to get back with Martin was so abrupt I’m surprised Martin didn’t hesitate. He is a trained agent that should be reading into situations based on his instincts. With all the characters marinating in his head he seemed to be clueless about the rush to get back together from his wife. It would have played much better if he told her he wasn’t ready…because emotionally he’s not. The man is damaged and what could he offer his wife in this condition? This is a writing issue. In one scene, Gates tells him to get back with his wife and not long after…here she is trying to close the deal. I didn’t buy it, a case of too much too soon.

After getting to see Crystal dress up and the team going all out, sadly the mission is failed. Technically, not only did the mission fail but that explosion would have killed Martin too. After 6 episodes and such a strong start, this show is falling off. The story lines are becoming too one-dimensional and the formula too predictable. This was a concern I mentioned early on because of how the show was sold to us. I hope the writers have something pretty significant coming up or this show could be treading quicksand soon.

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