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TV Review: MISFITS: Season 1, Episode 1

Robert Sheehan, Antonia Thomas, Lauren Socha, Iwan Rheon, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Misfits

Misfits Season 1 Episode 1 Review. Misfits: Season 1, Episode 1 is the beginning of a TV series is the beginning of a teens with powers TV show. Misfits is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville on steroids, with vulgarity, tawdriness, and dialogue reflexive of the real world, or the world existing in the Great Britain.

Regardless of the inherent local veniuclar, the “heroes” themselves are the draw, all delinquients yet all individuals. Their differences make their group unique, even though their group is a community service work detail.

The stand out in the group is Nathan Young (Robert Sheehan), a loud mouth that can never keep his opinion to himself, saying what many are thinking out loud. He is also the comic relief in the episode.

There is one overt and extended scene involving a water bottle and Alisha Bailey (Antonia Thomas) that could never be on American airwaves (perhaps the FX Network) but the UK is far more liberal and open minded to sexual content on network TV stations.

The horror element in this episode was surprising, well executed, yet not over done. “Brivty is the soul of wit” as William Shakespeare would say.

Episode writer Howard Overman was smart enough not to have everyone in the group figure out their power in one episode nor have everyone in the group survive the first episode, adding to the possible unpredictable nature of the series.

The fact that the lightning storm created others with special powers is a given. More and more people are probably going to be showing up with this special ability or that, though I doubt Misfits will reach the refinement of the last two seasons of The  4400. It doesn’t seem to be geared toward that but who knows. Anything is possible.

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