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TV Review: TEEN WOLF: Season 4, Episode 3: Muted [MTV]

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MTV‘s Teen Wolf Muted TV Show Review. Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 3: Muted certainly began in a typically creepy fashion, very reminiscent of slasher movies with silhouetted villains, the mysteriously absent family, and the blood covered cat discovered beneath the bed. This likeness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it was done fairly well, though the axe-wielding killer, dubbed “the Mute” throughout the fan community, certainly seemed undermined when this new teen jumped out of the window and escaped; not very good planning to overlook a window.

Anyhow, despite this thrilling opener, the majority of the episode was centered upon the glorious return of lacrosse! I was particularly elated with this, as it was one of the fun points of seasons one and two. The introduction of new characters, Garrett and Liam, prompts some worry for Scott. I liked the fact that the show was addressing that his supernatural abilities may not always trump everything. Of course, this display of supernatural ability lands Liam in the hospital. I am very hesitant about these new characters, especially Liam, as he is incredibly reminiscent of Jackson from previous seasons – overly aggressive, cocky, and privileged, which seems like lazy writing to me.

Speaking of the writing, true to their usual ways the Teen wolf writers are already starting to lay thicker on the romantic plotlines. Scott and Kira’s relationship took an unnecessary leap with the deep kissing scene in the hallway, it would have been more believably paced if they just left it to the pair talking about the first, chaste hallway kiss, so the two just going at it seemed cheesy and out of place. The writers are also taking advantage of Braeden’s character placement in the scheme of the Calaveras, Kate, and the heist to squeeze in some charged interactions with Derek’s character, which could be interesting, though it is too early to tell to what extent it will be done.

With all of the lighter points in this episode, the mysterious Sean being readdressed was inevitable, and his story certainly seemed incredibly rushed, what with it only running the course of a single episode. It just seemed sloppy, even though I know that his character’s sole purpose was to create an introduction for the Mute and his role as murderous villain, the idea of an entire family of Wendigos that have assumingly been long-established in Beacon Hills with an immense amount of bodies piled in their basement seems like something that would not go unnoticed.

The important point of the episode was Scott biting Liam to save him, which seemed like an inevitable event to happen in the season, but a surprise to happen so early after his introduction. This is an obvious set up for the return of the Calavera Family, per Araya’s threat to Scott in Mexico, which is an ideal segue to their return, but it is already making the season out to be too busy.

All-in-all, the episode was kind of disappointing, with seemingly rushed sub-plots, heavy romance, a complete lack of an explanation of the busy events from the previous episode (the heist, Derek’s sudden re-aging, and Kate’s disappearance), it’s definitely cluttering the central plot and appears to be following previous seasons’ trends of dead-end sub-plots, which is awful.

Hopefully next Moonday will be an improvement!

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