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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 2, Episode 6: Long Day’s Journey [TNT]

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TNT’s The Last Ship Long Day’s Journey TV Show Review. The Last Ship: Season 2, Episode 6: Long Day’s Journey had the crew of the Nathan James chasing down the mercenaries into Florida after learning that Rachel’s (Rhona Mitra) mentor, Dr. Hunter, is murdered. Despite Dr. Hunter’s late efforts, Rachel has been attempting to replicate his work towards making another cure against the virus.

In the enemy lines, Sean (Brian O’Byrne) makes plans for the immune as Ned (Nick Court) grows weary of his brother’s actions. This creates some tension between the two brothers as well as those onboard the Achilles. Things may start to turn once Ned starts to impede with Sean’s overall plans for America.

It was pretty clear in the episode that Ned is just looking for a good opportunity when it comes to the immune. He’s there for his brother as long as it benefits him as well. Sinking the Nathan James would be the realistic choice, because once the cure gets circulated, then there would be no need for the Immunes and all that hard work would’ve been for nothing. Ned thinks of nothing more than to gain power from Sean’s plans. However, Sean may have let all that chosen act go into his head.

As Ned continues to rule a small part of the country, Sean’s beliefs in the Immunes gets deeper in his mind and starts seeking more of his people. The more immunes he gets, the powerful he becomes. It seems that this may all be a survival tactic in order to deal with being the only ones in the world who isn’t affected by the virus. To Sean, eliminating the cure has become a holy mission and will stop at nothing to finish it.

With Sean and Ned destroying all the labs around the world, the Nathan James has gone back to the drawing board. Rachel is now the only one who has the knowledge and means necessary to recreate a vaccine. Dr. Hunter’s research has changed the plot as Rachel and her team must find another way to distribute the cure. Which is where Rachel gets a new idea for the cure from food made from the Navy’s chef, Bacon (Amen Igbinosun). As crazy as that sounds, it was one of the breakthrough moments that we enjoyed in this episode. It was even more fun seeing the kitchen turn into a lab with Rachel trying to explain some science formulas to Bacon, making a serious situation more subtle.

Rachel may have found the code to making the cure through cornstarch, but she still has miles to go if she wants to distribute that cure. She also has to ask Commander Chandler (Eric Dane) for more resources; however, he has some problems of his own. After following the mercenaries to a gathering hall, Chandler and his crew go undercover after finding out that Sean and Ned are also immune. So it’s not just the mercenaries they have to take out, but also an entire cult. Things will come to a head, as Chandler has to face an unknown enemy and most probably make some challenging choices. Going undercover raises the stakes, as the undercover unit has no way to contact the ship. The team is also unarmed so it becomes a risky mission for everyone.

Chandler seems to be more focused on revenge rather than the cure, so seeing him change colors is a quick turn of events. Rachel and Chandler’s priorities have suddenly become different as Tom focuses on destroying the mercenaries while Rachel is still working on distributing the cure. Lieutenant Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) and Master Chief (Charles Parnell) seem to side with Rachel on this. This may make the ship’s crew start taking sides, which would be interesting to see as to how this will affect the crew if it gets divided.

The episode sees the Nathan James relying on staying undercover in order to learn more about the enemy, which is a nice chance of pace from seeing them battle at sea. There will be bloodshed as the crew takes on Sean and his disciples. As we are halfway through the season, it’s going to be interesting to see where Sean and Ned head into as the Immunes start to rally up.

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