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TV Review: The Phantom (2010): Part 2

The Phantom (2010): Part 2 has Kit Walker (Ryan Carnes) fully accepting his legacy as the next Phantom and also people in his employ, especially Guran (Sandrine Holt). Unfortunately for part two of the Phantom mini-series, it breaks practically every superhero rule. The Phantom, in the last act of Part 2, goes gallivanting around in front of the police, paparazzi, their cameras, and the general public in his Phantom custom. He is involved in multiple police actions and when its all over, is not even held for questioning or detained. It made absolutely no sense. A guy in a black costume is jumping on top of vans and punching through windows during a high profile assassination attempt and no one in law enforce attempts to ascertain who he is. Very believable.

The Phantom also openly walks into gun fire instead of taking cover. Why? To prove to his opponents that he is wearing full body armor? Why would he want them to know that?

Rhatib Singh (Cas Anvar) giving up the only operative he has in the Phantom’s operation to insure the completion of one mission and the operative going along with it is a stretch. What exactly was the operative’s exit strategy out of the building and off the island after he revealed himself?

The Phantom lets Renee Davidson (Cameron Goodman) read his journal and discover that he is The Phantom. Superheros do not divulge their secret identities. And why exactly does Renee have to go with her now crippled father? The Phantom can hire the best nurses and caretakers for him in the world, far beyond her MT expertise. The Phantom can not have a girlfriend too soon I guess.

The ending to The Phantom (2010): Part 2 was good: The bomb exploding, the disfigurement, the new leader of the Signh Corporation. Their new leader, Abel Wandermaark (Jean Marchand), completely has the element of surprise on his side. He could wipe out The Phantom easily. He knows all of the strengths and weaknesses of the Phantom’s organization. He had been running it since the last Phantom died. Abel could have the island precisely bombed, send in a surgical strike team wearing armor similar to The Phantom’s, use biological weapons on the island or cripple The  Phantom’s organization financially. Remember, they think he is dead so they would not have change modus operandi. None of these things will happen if a series is created from this mini-series though. Logic can not prevail in a series of this nature.

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