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TV Review: UNDER THE DOME: Season 3, Episode 9: Plan B [CBS]

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CBS Under the Dome Plan B TV Show ReviewUnder the Dome: Season 3, Episode 9: ‘Plan B’ was more than the Kinship salvaging their remaining resources, and striking back. It was more than the resistance having to remain one step ahead, and improvising new ways to keep gaining ground. It even went beyond game changing news, about an impending power shift, under the Dome, within the Kinship, and for two combatants on opposite sides. ‘Plan B’ was a pun, y’see; but you figure out in reference to what.

‘Plan B’ started with another fake out; so nothing new to report, there. Bad news from the Kinship punitive party seemed to mean worse news for Christine (Marg Helgenberger). She seemed doomed to check out without a win; but according to the knock-up-o-meter, in her own personal mood rock, Barbie’s (Mike Vogel) boys can swim.

Eva (Kylie Bunbury) had an heir in the oven – break out the frakin’-non-sense & mur-ky plot.

With the resistance holed up in a funeral home, I suppose it would be hard for Norrie (MacKenzie Lintz) to not occasionally think of her newly deceased mom. A good way to make up for all the time spent not thinking of her; but, oddly enough, Norrie seemed pretty centered about it. Maybe Norrie finally got a nudge in the right direction. Maybe the showrunners had more important things to get to, and didn’t have time to waste on her emo – emo now being a commodity, and badly needed elsewhere.

Big Jim (Dean Norris) put in a little extra effort into his snarky snippets, so I’m thinking he may be getting over-indulged, in living out his own personal action hero fantasy. Feeding the troll, Hunter (Max Ehrich), while fishing for compliments: not helping.

In answer to Hunter’s question of pulling weight, he did finally produce a profile of Hektor Martin (Eriq La Salle), as the true head of Aktaion (to further nevermind all that Barbie’s dad stuff); but I think I’ll follow Hunter’s lead, and refer to him as the new gov’t Muppet Man (sing it with me, now: “Muppet Man! Sitting on the hand of Aktaion… But don’t think it’s gonna be for a long, long time….”)

Big Jim, in the meantime, may have had his action hero fantasy stunted, a bit, once mom-to-be Eva’s maternal bonus kicked in. Never mind the surprise, of being manhandled by Superior Mother, why Jim hesitated, after the Eva alarm sounded, I don’t know. Seemed to be enough time to do some damage & still make a break for it. The baby thing was going to happen, anyway, so no surprises; Christine’s plans for how it will be happening, however, might be a point of multiple contentions.

Oddly enough, it was Junior (Alexander Koch) that got the most interesting spin of the episode. I gotta give Christine credit: nothing lets a man down easier (after you dismiss him as a sexual Band-Aid), like granting him actual stud status. Not ‘hey, you’re a stud’ status – ‘hey, have a harem of fertile hotties’ status. Not Charlotte (Hannah Jelinovic), though – Christine kept that one for her sisterhood of vestal somethings-or-the-other; for Superior Mother Eva’s sake.

A part of me wants this keep-away act to be the chink, in Junior’s Kinship armor – only because it would be so hilariously, Junior-appropriate, stupid.

It also took me a while to realize it, but Junior hasn’t even been the most valuable man under the Dome, of late. That honor has been passed to Joe (Colin Ford), so it was only fitting that Sam (Eddie Cahill) once again played a critical role in furthering his thread along.

In the event you hadn’t guessed yet, ‘Plan B’ is also a controversial contraceptive – an abortion pill, if you will. I figured all pretenses, at the pun, went out with Big Jim saying the words, after Kinship Barbie dropped the baby bomb; but it’s not always easy to tell what the showrunners were thinking on pretty much anything.

If getting over Eva was such an ordeal, imagine Barbie having to contend with a new Christine as his daughter. Now imagine it actually mattered, since the Dome stays up anyway – to keep the show going. Now imagine what it would be like to be one of those viewers who still care. Now imagine….

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