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TV Review: V (2010): Season 1, Ep.11: Fruition

V (2010) Season 1, episode 11, entitled Fruition, establishes the presence of something very important, a disease that targets only lizards. To the Vs, this disease could be devastating.  Lisa (Laura Vandervoort)’s broken legs and V healing center scene, especially when her mother arrives, were excellent albeit short. Kyle Hobbs (Charles Mesure)’ betrayal for his own self-interest was a refreshing turn of events. I’m guessing that Lisa is going to try and stop the 999 soldier Vs from being born but how will she stop Anna (Morena Baccarin) from laying another thousand eggs again? By the end of this season, I’m guessing Lisa will be a full-fledged member of the 5th Column. One thing that I do not like about V healing tech is that it is too quick and Star Trekkie. They wave a magic stick and broken bone is healed through the skin instantly. If their healing tech is that good, why not invent a suit that their infiltrators, assassins, and soldiers wear that heals their injuries in the field? A body armor med-suit. Besides head shots, this would make them almost invisible. Show producers can’t have the Vs be that smart I guess because if they really were that smart, that would have killed off all potential resistance threats, including scientists, before making their presence known to the world.

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  • Why is it any of us are still watching this show? The only ep I really enjoyed was the Solider-Runaway Preggers ep. The rest have been meh or less than meh. Morena Baccarin must be the only reason I continue to tune in every week.

  • I need my sci-fi fix so I watch V. I broke down and started watching Warehouse 13.
    Morena looks good with the short hair.

  • I missed her long curly locks at first, but she can work the short hair. It helps they pour her into those dresses. How is Warehouse 13, I've caught a few minutes, but never linger long enough to watch a full ep.

  • I noticed the pouring. 13 is not as bad as I thought it would be. It's along the lines of The Librarian. Watch the first ep.

  • I should wrap Dexter S3 by next week. Maybe I can squeeze Warehouse ep1 in before I start Rome.

  • Good strategy. I can't wait for the Rome movie. Pullo!

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