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TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD: Season 6, Episode 15: East [AMC]

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AMC’s The Walking Dead East TV Show Review. The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 15: ‘East,’ was no breather, after Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) acts of war against the Saviors – it was the long, withheld breath before the retaliation. Easy enough to do, from behind a prepared position; but when Carol’s (Melissa McBride) come-to-Morgan (Lennie James) moment came, without Morgan, Morgan decided to go to Carol. He wouldn’t be the only one taking personal matters on the road, so so much for planning for blowback.

It’s been getting harder & harder to listen to Rick talk threat assessment without thinking arrogant overreach. Even if there was truth to his bravado, it only took two breaks from the pack to leave a whole lot of his people open – and once again, TWD was left framing its foreshadowing in terms of what was left behind.

Glenn & Michonne (Steven Yeun, Danai Gurira) left Maggie (Lauren Cohan) & Rick, Daryl & Rosita left common sense (and awkward moments with the ex, in Rosita’s case) in favor of revenge, Morgan left behind his guilt, and Carol had already abandoned her murderous sense of responsibility.

So the new Carol has come to terms with not being a killer at heart. she’s still damned good at it – Badass Carol fans should get over the change. On the other hand, she missed the one-to-the-head-to-keep-’em-dead rule; so maybe there has been a slip, since.

Is it just me, or do the Saviors seem to have some inside intel on Alexandria. The timeline points to one resident, in particular; but I’m hoping that’s just paranoia (with a side of red herring) talking.

Speaking of paranoia, since I can’t be the only one thinking it, and it’s a subject that hasn’t really come up, just yet, I’ll just come out and ask it. If Maggie’s kid dies in the womb for any reason, does it then eat its way out of her?

Just asking.

After everything the show has done to foreshadow a bad end, I suppose it’s only fitting that a whole lot of dim prospects be thrown into the air simultaneously, so as to keep us guessing for whom (or how many) the journey ends. Nothing has been able to shake Rick’s confidence, so far; so it may take more than a vital loss to do the trick (kinda already happened, but Rick may still have higher standards, in that regard) – it may take a grievous blow.

As it stands, two of his best are in the wind, and four under the gun. That latter figure may have already been whittled down to three; but we’ve seen obvious ends pick up again, already this season. On the other hand, we’ve already seen an obvious end pick back up again, this season. It’s just as likely that the show would take two opportunities to make an example of a key character, as it would to save one… assuming that one will be enough.

Maybe that withheld breath has already been knocked out of us, all of a sudden.

Quick, take another – before the next hitter gets at bat.

“You’ll be alright.”

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