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Video TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD: Season 4, Episode 11: Claimed [AMC]

Steven Yeun Michael Cudlitz The Walking Dead Claimed

AMC‘s The Walking Dead Claimed TV Show Video Review. This Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11: Claimed TV show review is in video form utilizing the trailer promo for the episode.

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11: Claimed‘s plot synopsis (spoilers): “Michonne and Carl go for a supply run while Rick, who is unsure whether they should stay in their house or not, rests. Michonne tries and fails to cheer up Carl, and remarks that she can make toddlers laugh. When Carl asks her if she was around toddlers, she reveals that she had a son. As they scavenge a house, she reveals that her son’s name was Andre Anthony who was three years old and died shortly after the apocalypse occurred. She later discovers a deceased family inside the house. Meanwhile, Glenn recovers in Abraham’s truck, and is told by Tara that they passed by the prison bus, and all the inhabitants inside are dead. Glenn attempts to leave, but he is stopped by Abraham, whose mission is to deliver Eugene to Washington, D.C.. Eugene knows exactly what caused the apocalypse, and he is to meet with government officials there; he wants Glenn and Tara to stay with them, as they are stronger with more manpower. When Glenn still tries to leave, he and Abraham scuffle. While Tara and Rosita try to break them up, Eugene spots a large amount of walkers approaching their direction and takes it upon himself to try to kill them. The five proceed to kill the walkers, but Eugene’s poor aim causes him to rupture the truck’s fuel tank. The three are then forced to accompany Glenn’s search for Maggie. Rick awakens to the sounds of strangers who have infiltrated the house. He sneaks past the scavengers to escape, but he is forced to kill one of them when he is spotted. The killed scavenger reanimates and attacks his fellow survivors while Rick manages to escape with Carl and Michonne. The three then come upon the train tracks and follow the direction pointed by a sign: ‘Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive, Survive. Terminus.'”

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11: Claimed starred Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, Steven YeunAlanna MastersonMichael CudlitzJosh McDermittChristian Serratos, and Jeff Kober.

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