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VIKINGS: Season 4: San Diego Comic Con & TV Show Trailers: Life & Death After Paris [History]

Katheryn Winnick Vikings Season 4

Two first look TV show trailers for season 4 of History’s Vikings. Haven’t seen the History Channel’s best original, scripted series (I’m supposed to say “arguably;” but I’m not going to)? Not caught up on the most violent, debauched, and court intrigue heavy period piece not on a premium channel? No worries – season 4 looks to be about as good a starting/ re-entry point as any, since season 3 closed out a number of arcs, and set the stage for a potential sea change to the cast dynamic.

There will be some loose ends to tie, specifically from some season 3 fraying; some possible fallout, involving the ascendant principal female cast; the return of Harbard the Wanderer (Kevin Durand); and what looks to be a regression point for the original twin pillars of the series, sibling rivals Rollo (Clive Standen) & Ragnar (Travis Fimmel). While the 2015 SDCC trailer provides some context to what is to come – assisted by the now ghostly voice of Athelstan (George Blagden), the ‘Bring the Pain’ trailer pretty much cuts to (and through) the gist.

After three seasons of grooming various characters, to fill in for multiple historical figures (key to the show’s settings & mythology), there are numerous directions open to exploration, and very few (if any) characters are truly safe. I expect one heckuva ride.

Vikings, season 4 features Katheryn Winnick, Alexander Ludwig, Gustaf Skarsgård, Alyssa Sutherland, Linus Roache, Moe Dunford, Edvin Endre, Ben Robson, Amy Bailey, Jennie Jacques, Morgane Polanski, Owen Roe, and Lothaire Bluteau. The new season is scheduled to begin sometime in 2016, on the History channel.

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Source: SpoilerTV (1, 2), Zap2It

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