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Walking With The Dead: THE WALKING DEAD Podcast S6E1 – First Time Again


AMC‘s The Walking Dead First Time Again Review. Walking With The Dead: The Walking Dead Podcast: Season 6, Episode 1: First Time Again is an audio podcast review in which FilmBook contributor Steven Bueno and his team (Kristian Cabrera and Cornell Montgomery) analyze and discuss their thoughts about the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 1: First Time Again‘s plot synopsis (spoilers): “Rick’s group and the Alexandrians stand beside a quarry filled with walkers. The quarry exits are being blocked by several large trucks, one of which teeters on the edge of a cliff. As Rick outlines a plan to herd the walkers away, the teetering truck plummets to the ground, unleashing the walkers. Rick – who’d been orchestrating a supposed dry run – yells for the group to put the plan into action.In a flashback to the moments following the deadly town meeting, Deanna sits by a campfire, mourning Reg. “You were wrong,” she tells Father Gabriel, referring to his warning that Rick’s group was dangerous. Abraham, meanwhile, carries Pete’s body in a tarp. He takes a swig of liquor then pours some out onto Pete’s corpse.Rick warns Morgan that he no longer takes chances, implying that they’ll be taking some precautionary measures with Morgan.While guarding the gate, Eugene lets in three Alexandrians — Heath, Scott and Annie — who’ve been on a supply run for the past few weeks.Rick and Morgan deduce that the quarry has been trapping all the walkers in the area, which is why Alexandria has been so safe. Ron tries to leave, but Rick sternly warns him that he will die if he wanders around alone.Rick meets with his team and devises a plan to herd the walkers west, away from Alexandria. Eugene suggests they build a wall at a key intersection to ensure none of the walkers split off and make their way to the community. Rick charges Carter, who worked on the wall construction crew, with building it.At the armory, Eugene overhears Carter urging Tobin, Olivia, Spencer and Francine to help him kill Rick. Carter spots Eugene and is about to shoot him when Rick, Daryl and Morgan walk in. Rick wrestles the gun from Carter but decides at the last minute not to execute him.Rick finally leads the team to the quarry, moments before the truck topples off the cliff.”

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 1: First Time Again starred Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, and Lennie James.

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