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Walking With The Dead: THE WALKING DEAD Podcast S6E3 – Thank You



AMC‘s The Walking Dead Thank You Review. Walking With The Dead: The Walking Dead Podcast: Season 6, Episode 3: Thank You is an audio podcast review in which FilmBook contributor Steven Bueno and his team (Kristian Cabrera and Cornell Montgomery) analyze and discuss their thoughts about the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 3: Thank You‘s plot synopsis (spoilers): “Rick, Glenn, Michonne and the Alexandrians race through the woods towardAlexandria, where the horn continues to blare. Half of the quarry herd follows close behind. Over the walkie, Rick tells Daryl to stay the course and keep the rest of the herd moving along the road. Rick tells his team that he’s going to get the RV and redirect the breakaway herd before it reaches Alexandria. In private, he tells Glenn and Michonne that the Alexandrians with them “aren’t all gonna make it.” Rick instructs them to lead the team back to Alexandria but to keep going if anyone can’t keep up.Heath overhears the conversation.Glenn and Michonne lead the group towards Alexandria. Walkers attack, sending the Alexandrians into a panic: Sturgess fires wildly into the air and hitsScott in the leg before fleeing; Nicholas becomes paralyzed with fear; and a walker bites David on the shoulder.With Nicholas leading the way, the group runs into walkers feasting on Sturgess’ body. Nicholas becomes paralyzed by fear again, but snaps out of it when Glenn calls his name. The group backtracks only to be confronted by more walkers. They retreat into a pet store, where Glenn formulates a plan to set fire to a nearby building to distract the herd. Nicholas suggests a feed store and offers to lead Glenn there.Back in the pet store, Annie and Scott point out that their injuries are slowing everyone down and urge the group to keep going without them. Heath looks pointedly at Michonne and refuses to leave anyone behind.Afterward, Michonne confronts Heath about his attitude. He tells her he overheard Rick’s instructions to leave people behind. Michonne angrily reminds Heath that he hasn’t had to survive like Rick, and doesn’t know what it’s like out in the world. Heath counters that he’s been on plenty of runs, but Michonne points out that he’s never “been covered in so much blood that you didn’t know if it was yours, or walkers’ or your friends’.”Michonne’s group sits quietly, watching walkers file by the storefront, drawn by the gunfire. Michonne sees David writing a farewell note to his wife. When he tries to hand it to her, she refuses to take it. “You’re getting home,” Michonne writes on her arm. Then walkers that had been lurking in the back room of the store begin pounding on an interior door, drawing the attention of the walkers outside. As the herd arrives in town, Michonne’s group races out of the store, guns blazing. But Annie falls and is devoured by walkers.As Rick waits, two men sneak into the RV and fire at him – it’s the Wolves that Morgan let escape. Rick dives and returns fire, killing them. He then sees more Wolves sneaking up outside the RV and opens fire on them with a assault rifle, killing them all.Michonne, Heath and Scott arrive at Alexandria to find the outlying buildings burned. Michonne unsheaths her katana.Rick tries to start the RV but the engine falters. He keeps trying and trying, but without luck as the massive breakaway herd starts to emerge from the forest just beside him…

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 3: Thank You starred Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Michael Traynor, Danai Gurira, and Lennie James.

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