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TV Review: BALLERS: Season 2, Episode 3: Elidee [HBO]

Donovan W. Carter London Brown Ballers Season 2 Episode 3 Elidee

HBO‘s Ballers: Elidee TV Show Review. An alternative title for this episode could be something like “Spencer Puts Out Lots of His Players’ Fires.” In this episode there are all sorts of problems coming from all sorts of places, and we really get to see Spencer’s managerial skills in action.

To begin with, Reggie (London Brown) calls Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) at 5am to tell him that Vernon’s (Donovan W. Carter) leg is messed up and he can’t stand on it. Reggie feebly attempts to cover for the fact that it’s a paintball injury, but Vernon tells the truth as soon as they meet Spencer at the hospital. Spencer doesn’t like this news, but Vernon hears worse: the injury is in his achilles. Everyone is super supportive, but they know he could be out half the season. Even worse, this is an NFI (non-football injury), so it could mess with his contract. Everyone but Vernon decides to lie about this to the team.

The news keeps getting worse: Joe (Rob Corddry) calls Spencer at the hospital and tells him that Spencer’s rival, Andre, is trying to poach basically all their clients. Joe shares that he’s had to make a bunch of promises to athletes in order to keep them- things like fashion lines, dance studios, and record labels. Spencer is not happy with Joe’s eagerness to please; he would much rather keep it real with his clients.

He definitely keeps it real with Vernon. Spencer gives Vernon a stern talking to, informing him that the team doesn’t need to know about his paint balling. Reggie isn’t worried because he apparently only cares about money, and he has no fear that they can keep up the lie that this was a football-related injury. Vernon argues that he doesn’t like to lie, but he’s very quickly convinced.

With that, Spencer heads off to his next client, a guy named Spice (Anthony Adams) who wants to open a hotel- Elidee- to honor his mom. Spencer and Joe take Spice out for steaks, and in the middle of his pitch Spice mentions that he and Andre have already talked about this. Andre is on the offense; it turns out that he has also paid for their meal and even thrown in some dessert.

Spice takes Spencer and Joe to see the land where he wants to drop 4 million on building the hotel, and the place sucks. Joe wants to keep kissing up, but eventually Spencer can’t handle lying anymore. When the three of them head to a bar for celebratory drinks Spencer breaks it to Spice that this investment would suck, but he promises Spice will get his hotel one day. Spice appreciates the honesty.

Meanwhile at the bar, Spencer gets a call from Ricky (John David Washington) in New Orleans. The man has visited and even gotten a sweet offer from the team, but he’s not feeling “the love.” Of course, he never explains exactly what the love is, but he’s about ready to leave unless he gets it. Ricky also throws in the fun news that he has been approached by Andre. Vernon washes down this great news with- you guessed it- some pills, and beer.

As the episode winds down, Vernon decides to hide out in his house and not answer any calls from his manager. When Spencer gets in (the key is under the doormat), Vernon explains that he has been avoiding all communication because he simply doesn’t want to lie about his NFI. At that point Spencer encourages Vernon to take the only option left to him, which is telling the truth. Coach is not pleased.

Ricky is, though. As he’s on his way out of NOLA, he is surprised with a parade including band, cheerleaders, dancing kids, and even a church choir. Apparently Ricky wanted to know that he would come in and be instantly loved by everyone, and that’s what he got.

Looks like at least one character on this show is happy… at least for the moment.

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