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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 3, Episode 12: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1 [The CW]

Rose McIver Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1 iZombie

iZombie: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1 Review

The CWs iZombie: Season 3, Episode 12: ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1’ delivered so much within the hour as we prepare for what is likely the biggest season finale that we’ve ever had on the show next week. Halfway through the season kind of felt cluttered since the plot with Fillmore Graves was put to the side for a bit after getting a change in leadership with Chase (Jason Dohring) in charge. There were some other big reveals regarding the case of the week as well as a huge cliffhanger that definitely kicks off the two-part season finale into high gear.

What would’ve worked is if Chase was introduced at the beginning of the season so we can get more time with him and make this reveal of his involvement in Katty’s murder much more shocking. Jason Dohring knows his way around playing the irresistible yet dangerous guy as we learned that he might be a suspect in this week’s case. It was bad enough that Liv (Rose McIver) ended up cheating on Justin (Tongayi Chirisa), even though the brains she’s eaten would’ve made her do something that she’ll regret. Seeing Liv attending the same bar that Katty went to pick up random guys while stopping herself from hooking up with them was perfect acting by Rose McIver. Even resisting the temptation for Chase made sense knowing that she can be herself around him being zombies and all.

Having Natalie (Brooke Lyons) die in the explosion was totally predictable. When Major (Robert Buckley) accepted Natalie’s offer to come with her to Italy, we knew that something bad was about to happen to her. The whole scenario with finally getting the girl and starting a new life spelled doomed for our dear Major. It was shocking to see how she would die in one bang and killing the rest of the Fillmore Graves’ soldiers along with her.

It did feel a little weird that Chase didn’t ask Major about how he turned human. I mean could it be because he always thought that Major was a human? If Major did tell Chase about the cure, wouldn’t he have gotten a team to figure out how to create it and manufacture it? Even Major’s buddies didn’t ask him about the cure once they found out that he wasn’t a zombie anymore.

One of the big developments regarding Peyton (Aly Michalka) was that she was offered a position to be a chief of staff to the newly elected Mayor Baracus. If she does take the offer, this would put her in a completely different course, as she would integrate herself into the zombie community. Imagine all the great storylines we may get if the writers get to explore that for next season.

Just before Liv made a grave mistake while on Katty’s brain, it was funny to see her reactions to the visions she saw of Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and Katty sleeping together. It was entertaining to see Liv disgusted by what she’s seen while Ravi was just quite pleased by that. It was comedy gold in that interrogation scene when Liv was completely grossed out while Ravi was just reminiscing the times he shared with Katty like an old memory. It was also fun watching Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) going into the corner completely acting like a germophobe after realizing that bioterrorism could be involved with the latest case. The three actors owned that scene really well as they perfectly played off one another. It just goes to show that iZombie nails it with the funny moments they come up with.

The penultimate episode of the third season upped the ante with everyone’s lives taking a turn for the worst. After the newspaper cover had Liv’s face plastered on it in full zombie, it was nice to see Rose dressing up as herself for a change. It will be interesting to see how long she will keep that look going once the season is over. With threats coming to Fillmore Graves and within it, this left much of the soldiers annihilated in the end with their leader looking more like a murderer. There was also some drama mixed in as Liv’s latest brain made her do some questionable things that could lead her into trouble if she’s not careful. Things have escalated rather quickly, so let’s see how it all goes down during next week’s season finale.

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