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TV Review: THE LIBRARIANS: Season 1, Episode 10: And the Loom of Fate [TNT]

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TNT’s The Librarians And the Loom of Fate TV Show Review. The Librarians: Season 1, Episode 10: And the Loom of Fate, takes The Librarians through a sophisticated game of musical chairs as destinies are changed randomly. Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) makes a return just in time to help try and fix the infamous…Loom of Fate.

Part 2 of the 2-hour special finale and the show producers have decided to pull out all the stops. After 9 episodes of this show, there were moments that made me question certain things about Jenkins (Jon Larroquette) all to find out he was Arthurian legend…Galahad? Not too sure how I feel about this. I thought they were hinting at something far better than this during the earlier episodes. The Jenkins character is likable, but swashbuckling and dashing…he was not. This was the weakest part of the episode.

With Flynn coming back I should have known Dulaque (Matt Frewer) was coming back too. His presence wasn’t felt, till he stabbed Lamia (Lesly-Ann Brandt) in the back. So after all she has been through and done for him…this is her reward. Not that Lamia was a strong character or anything I just assumed if the show got renewed they would be teaming up again. Through most of the episode Flynn appeared to be mentally preoccupied. Out of all the episodes this seemed to be his weakest performance on the show. Maybe it was the pressure of getting a second season. Whatever the case the final scene between him and Eve was a bit of a letdown. I was expecting more from him in a final episode.

Jake Stone (Christian Kane) was very entertaining throughout this episode. It appears he has been reading the reviews about performance. He entered the episode with both guns blazing and just kept firing. On top of that he got to smooch Eve right in front of Flynn. The whole time being offset worked well for him here.

Once again Cassandra Cillian (Lindy booth), steps up and keeps things interesting. In her timeline, she is The Librarian and Lamia is her guardian. She is also powerful and uses her magic to send Flynn and Eve back to their own time so they can try and fix the Loom. Parts of scenes helped create a sense of urgency. The only thing that harmed it was the simplicity of solutions. I also noticed Lamia was still dead back in the current timeline. I guess she won’t be coming back for a second season.

Eve Baird (Rebecca Rominj) started this episode off in crimson. She showed us moments where she understood the sense of urgency. Sadly most of the time she walked through this episode like there was no real threat. When visiting each timeline, she found out she was killed. Her fate appeared to be dark and her demeanor was a little too accepting of this news. I would expect more urgency from someone who has been introduced to the impossible. She has been around all of this long enough to know there is always a chance. What it says is she really hasn’t learned much. I guess the bonus was having her husband, Jerry O’Connell show up and kill her. Maybe he was trying to tell viewers something.

This episode had good moments and some mediocre moments. Even Ezekiel Jones (John Kim) managed to deliver a decent final performance.  Usually in the case of the final episode, the show will make an effort to leave a lasting impression on their viewers. Basically make a case for getting another season. This episode wasn’t that strong when compared to some of the stronger episodes and it really should have been. It’s the last hoorah and it felt like it fizzled out. The final scene with Eve and Flynn felt rushed, which has been the case with them and this whole relationship. The Librarians are all given books? From what we have seen, they are still not strong enough to go it alone. Maybe Flynn was kidding so he could get Eve alone in time for Valentines Day. Whatever the case, they have a thumbs-up for a second season. Hopefully they can make some adjustments and raise the show up a few more notches. This season started off very rough and did pick up steam. I think it can be much more.

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