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15 Biggest Box Office Flops of 2011: SUCKER PUNCH, GREEN LANTERN

Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch, Green Lantern, and the other 15 Biggest Box Office Flops have been announced. The Hollywood Reporter’s 15 Biggest Box Office flops list (part of their “Year in Review”) of movie disappointments contains films that are not surprising, especially Green Lantern and Conan the Barbarian. In addition, industry “analysts have revealed that this year has seen a 4% drop in domestic revenue at the box office, and as the site points out, even if a studio makes back its production budget it still splits grosses with theater owners and marketing costs. Here are their top 15 movies which failed to make an impact after being released in 2011.”

The full list of the 15 Biggest Box Office Flops of 2011 is below:

Mars Needs Moms – Budget: $150M; Global Gross: $39M
Sucker Punch – Budget: $82M; Global Gross: $89.8M
Arthur – Budget: $40M; Global Gross: $45.7M
Green Lantern – Budget: $200M; Global Gross: $219.9M
Cowboys & Aliens – Budget: $163M; Global Gross: $178.8M
Glee: The 3D Concert Movie – Budget: $9M; Global Gross: $18.7M
Conan the Barbarian – Budget: $90M; Global Gross: $48.8M
I Don’t Know How She Does It – Budget: $24M; Global Gross: $30.5M
The Thing – Budget: $38M; Global Gross: $27.4M
The Big Year – Budget: $41M; Global Gross: $7.4M
The Rum Diary – Budget: $45M; Global Gross: $21.6M
Anonymous – Budget: $30M; Global Gross: $14.8M
Tower Heist – Budget: $75M; Global Gross: $126.3M
Happy Feet Two – Budget: $135M; Global Gross: $115M
New Year’s Eve – Budget: $56M; Global Gross: $54.9M

Source: ThehollywoodreporterComicbookmovie

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  • Sucker Punch deserves a break. Movie goers clamor for originality and once we get it, we slam it for being too different. You know, it wasn’t executed well, but you got to give the film points for trying. Later!

  • I have not even seen Sucker Punch, except for the beginning segment. I love originality as much as the next movie goer. I saw Inception in theater three times and would have seen it a fourth time. When you talk original, that film is original.

  • Keltari

    Theres nothing original about being a bad movie!

  • Douglas Kolacki

    I strongly agree with MetallmanX. Give Zack Snyder credit for waking up moviegoers with the most original, daring and audacious masterpiece I have ever seen. I can’t wait to see his take on Superman!

  • obloodyhell

    There’s nothing original about making a useless negative statement.

    Sucker Punch was brilliant, if you’re too stupid to Get It, that’s your problem, not the movie’s.

  • obloodyhell

    Inception was a massive disappointment. Sucker Punch did everything Inception did and did it far better. Conceptually, Inception is “The Thirteenth Floor” to Sucker Punch’s “The Matrix”. The two don’t compare, because Inception goes nowhere with its ideas. SP has many interpretations on every level.

  • Keltari

    Oh I got it. It sucked. And the world agrees with me. Look at metacritic and rotten tomatoes. It was one of the worst movies ever made. You are entitled to your opinion, even if it is wrong.

  • obloodyhell

    I will happily be a minority that’s right than a majority that’s stupid.

    Sucker Punch had layers and layers of context and interplay. Most people were just Too Stupid to Get It.

    Popularity only goes so far in evaluating quality. Not everything that “everyone” loves is quality (see “American Idol”), not everything that many ignore is bad (Any Joss Whedon TV series, for example).

    Sucker Punch is going to be a respected cult film.

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