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ARROW: EP Previews Oliver and Diggle’s Broken Friendship in Season Four [The CW]

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Arrow’s Fourth Season to Mend Oliver and Diggle’s Fractured Relationship. The end of Arrow’s third season left Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle’s (David Ramsey) friendship broken beyond repair. EP Wendy Mericle weighed in on whether these two guys would fix their friendship.

Oliver and Diggle developed a strong bond over the course of the series as they became protectors for Starling City. However, season three saw a shift in their relationship that caused Diggle to lose trust in his teammate after putting his family in danger. Will the two men still be at odds with one another when the new season begins? Speaking with Collider, Mericle said:

Dig has a huge bone to pick with Oliver when they see each other again, at the top of Season 4. We’re gonna work that out. It’s not gonna be easy. With what happened to Dig’s family, it’s really tough to buy that back, and Oliver is not gonna to be able to. Obviously, they can’t be mad at each other forever, or what are we doing? But also, in the intervening months while Oliver has been gone, Dig has, more or less, been leading the team. It’s a little bit more democratic, Speedy and Black Canary are both super bad-ass and kicking butt. He’s not happy, when he and Oliver meet again. It’s not an open-armed, “Hey, buddy, all is forgiven,” reunion.

Since we are talking about Diggle, it was previously known beforehand that Diggle would be taking the leadership role for Team Arrow in Oliver’s absence. The new leader will also be sporting a mask to protect his identity and have a code name in the field. Will he be called ‘Guardian’ like many of us may presume? “By necessity, he can’t be Diggle out in the field. I can’t tell you what the code name is, but he’s gonna have a fun, cool code name. He’ll start to embrace a little bit more of that dual identity conundrum that Oliver has been grappling with for three years now.”

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