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AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR – PART 1 & 2: Whedon Confirms He’s Not Directing

Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon Confirms Not Directing Avengers 3 & 4. In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Joss Whedon confirmed that he will not be directing Avengers: Infinity War – Parts 1 and 2. Whedon not returning to direct more Avengers movies should come as no surprise. It has been floating around Hollywood that Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are the front-runners to take the reins from Whedon on the Avengers franchise. It is still possible that Whedon will remain onboard as a writer or a producer.

I couldn’t imagine doing this again. It’s enormously hard, and it [will] be, by [the time I would make ‘Avengers 3 & 4’], a good five years since I created anything that was completely my own. So it’s very doubtful that I would take on the two-part Infinity War movie that would eat up the next four years of my life. I obviously still want to be a part of the Marvel Universe – I love these guys – but it ain’t easy. This year has been more like running three shows than any year of my life. It is bonkers.

As much as I enjoyed Whedon’s work on The Avengers, I’m not disappointed to see him leave. After seeing Whedon’s fantastic yet under performing film Serenity flop at the box office, it was satisfying to watch Whedon find his box office redemption with the success of The Avengers. Whedon’s box office vindication will afford him an opportunity to attain financial backing for some of the many ingenious original movies that are floating around in his head. Although he will be moving on to other projects, he has left his memorable mark on the entire Marvel film franchise. Had it not been for Whedon, would studios be putting visionary directors without blockbuster movie making experience at the helm of huge films like Guardians of the Galaxy (James Gunn) and Star Wars: Episode 8 (Rian Johnson)? Let us know what you think about Whedon’s Marvel legacy in the comments section.

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Source: Empire (via Slashfilm)

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