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Blu-ray Review: GAME OF THRONES (2011): Season 1

Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones, Baelor

Game of Thrones: Season 1 Blu-ray Review, a 2011 TV show series written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss starring Sean BeanMark AddyNikolaj Coster-WaldauMichelle FairleyLena HeadeyEmilia ClarkeIain GlenAidan GillenHarry LloydKit Harington, Sophie TurnerMaisie WilliamsRichard MaddenAlfie AllenIsaac Hempstead-WrightJack GleesonRory McCannPeter Dinklage, Gethin Anthony, Conleth Hill, and Jason Momoa.

Release Date: March 6, 2012

Game of Thrones : Season 1 Review

The first season of Game of Thrones was superb, escalating constantly in viewer engagement, story depth, and anticipation for the next episode. Unlike other shows that have violence and sexual content on screen, with Game of Thrones it is all about the story, the characters, and the world created on-screen.

We previously reviewed these episodes of Season 1: TV Review: Game of Thrones: Season 1, Ep. 1: Winter Is Coming, TV Review: Game of Thrones: Season 1, Episode 5: The Wolf and the Lion, TV Review: Game of Thrones: Season 1, Episode 9: Baelor, and TV Review: Game of Thrones: Season 1, Episode 10: Fire and Blood.

The shows strength is that no character is safe, there is no designated survivor person that will never be touched or can not be killed. Numerous other TV shows can’t claim that plot device (advantage).

Game of Thrones, Blu-ray Cover

Game of Thrones Video

The video presentation on Blu-ray is better than the TV presentation, far more vivid.

The title screen for the Blu-ray is a mixture of scenes for the TV show. Great intro for the Blu-ray and the placement of the menu is good (its off to the side).

Game of Thrones Audio

I would rather watch the show on Blu-ray than on TV because the show seems louder (the effects and the score) and clearer on Blu-ray.

Game of Thrones Exclusive Blu-ray Features

The Complete Guide to Westeros

This special feature talks about Houses & Love, The Children of the Forest, The First Men, The Andals, The Age of Heroes, The Old Gods and the New, The History of the Night’s Watch, The Order of the Maesters, Valyria & The Dragons, The Fields of Fire, Mad King Aerys, Robert’s Rebellion, and The Sack of King’s Landing.

The Children of the Forest is voiced by Bran and like the others, is a hand-drawn retelling, pictured in brown as if on old paper, narrated by actors from Game of Thrones. All of these back stories were talked about in the books and are brought to life on screen.

Anatomy of an Episode

This special feature explores the creative methods used within Episode 6: A Golden Crown. This feature is housed on Disc 3, Episode 6. Show runners discuss how the original ending to the episode was scrapped because it represented a different Robert from Ned’s Robert. Daenerys Targaryen wearing Westeros clothing in the episode is pointed out, a representation of her getting in touch with her heritage.

The three eyed bird’s creation is spoken of, the Sky cells, Arya Stark being left handed and that Maisie Williams trained that way.

In-Episode Guide

The integration of the histories within each episode makes each episode on Blu-ray even better, especially if you want more insight into the past brought up time and time again within the series.

Other Features

Audio Commentary

One example of the audio commentaries is for Episode One: Winter is Coming. Show writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss offer the commentary on this one. The both of them talk about how The Wall was put into the episode, how one of the horses the Night’s Watch was riding was white for thirty viewings before they realized and changed it to black, the dead wilding girl is actually nineteen, they call The Others the White Walkers on the show to stop confusion, Angus Wall created the title sequence and both writers fought for its inclusion. George R.R. Martin still had the rights to the film books when David Benioff came to him about adapting the books to the small screen at HBO. The two writers talk about how the longer you have (hold) a property, the more leverage you have (in reference to Game of Thrones‘ writer).

Character Profiles

Each character is spoken of by the actor playing them. All the Starks are represented except for Rickon and Benjen. The other characters spoken of are Daenerys Targaryen, Jaime Lannister, Jon Snow, Khal Drogo, Petyr Baelish, Robert Baratheon, Tyrion Lannister, and Viserys Targaryen.

Making Game of Thrones

This feature speaks about how George R.R. Martin’s novel was on the 1991 best sellers list. Also spoken of are the inquiries to adapt the novels, the children’s casting, the environment, the shooting locations, the actor’s garb and their influences, and then some cast members speak.

From Book to Screen

The show writers talk about how they are “walking in George R.R. Martin’s dream.”

Creating the Show Open

This special feature talks about the show’s opening and how it was menat to orient the people to the world of Westeros. The viewer finds out that it was created by creative director Angus Wall and that new locations as represented in the opening as the series progresses. Wall talks about how it was influenced by Leonardo Da Vinci and how the sigil for each House powers their castles.

Creating the Dothraki Dialect

Show creators went to the Language Creation Society and David J. Peterson to create the Dothraki language. The Dothraki lines were written in English first, then phonetically in Dothraki plus there is a recording of it spoken for the actors and actresses.

The Night’s Watch

This feature starts with the Night’s Watch oath. George R.R. Martin goes on about the Order and its characters.

Final Thoughts

Great presentation. This is what they should have done with Dune on Blu-ray.

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