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CENTURION (2010) Movie Trailer

The Centurion (2010) Movie Trailer has premiered. Centurion (2010) is directed by Neil Marshall and stars Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, and Olga Kurylenko. Centurion (2010)’s plot synopsis: “In AD 117, the legendary Roman Ninth Legion is led by General Virilus to wipe out the Picts and to kill their leader Gorlacon. The legion is joined by Quintus Dias, a survivor from a Roman frontier fort that the Picts raided”. I love movies about Roman and that era. I was skeptical about Centurion (2010) after Marshall’s garbage fest Doomsday but The Descent was good so we’ll have to wait and see. I love the way the ambush is orchestrated at the beginning of this movie trailer. We’ve seen this before, especially in The Last of the Mohicans but it was still good. Watching Olga and and other women in the film as badass warriors was cool as well and reminded me of Kiera Knightly’s role (a Woad, based on a Pict) in King Arthur (2004). Check out the Centurion (2010) movie trailer below and leave your thoughts on it. Centurion (2010) opens on April 23, 2010.

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  • Nice. Neil Marshall can always deliver the carnage. Olga in a role where she's kicking butt and taking names will be cool, too. I'm glad Noel Clarke of Doctor Who's also in it.

  • He certainly delivered the carnage in Doomsday. The script and the third act of that film destroyed respect people had for him.

    The Descent was good though.

    Olga has the looks to be a star. Lets hope she has the talent as well.

  • I've got no complaints about Descent. Doomsday could have used a better last act, everything went sort of left from the Medieval crew on.

    If she pulls off this tough girl role, we'll be seeing lots more of her. Maybe she can give Angelina Jolie a break from being our only bankable action heroine.

  • I couldn't believe I was actually watching Medieval stuff happen in Doomsday.

    Jolie could barely handle her Salt role because of the changes to her body because of the pregnancies.

  • Sounds like it's time to start star searching for the next leading action lady.

  • Jolie needs a nutritionist, a personal trainer, and time to get her bod back into shape.

  • True. I always forget she's not that old. She just seems like she is since she has a small village of children and looks so skinny.

  • 6 kids plus pushing 3 of the 6 out would age anyone's body.

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