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DARK PEAK (2015) Movie Trailer & Poster: Paranormal, WWII Related UK Horror

Dark Peak Poster & Trailer

Dark Peak Movie Trailer. Ben Jagger‘s Dark Peak (2015) movie trailer stars Dean S. Jagger and more. Dark Peak‘s plot synopsis: “When a sole survivor of a fateful hiking trip to the mysterious Dark Peak was taken into police custody, nothing could have prepared them for the horrors they were about to uncover”.

This is how you make a trailer, people. I am beyond excited to uncover the truth behind the mysteries presented in this trailer. I have no idea what is happening, beyond Dark Peak being a sort of Bermuda Triangle for the highlands of the UK, and that the voice being spoken with at the very end of the trailer is not of human origin. Those are enticing enough facts to get me to buy a ticket, and I like how mystery is a big part of the appeal, here. I had a Lost flashback (in a good way), for a second, but with a seriousness only found in R-Rated fare.

According to DreadCentral, “Since WWII there have been over 50 unexplained air crashes on Dark Peak in the UK. The film is produced by Paul Tucker on behalf of Belief Films and John Adams of Angry Badger Pictures, considered one of the most dynamic young producers in the UK with a great commercial eye.”

I consider myself a highly enthusiastic seeker of information regarding any and all paranormal events, odd historical happenings, and conspiracy theories regarding interdimensional travel and things of that nature – but I have never heard of the above mentioned facts regarding the unexplained air crashes. I can not wait for night to fall, so I can delve deeply into this new, delicious mystery while snugly in bed.

In any case – check out the poster below. Looks good!

Dark Peak Poster

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for the trailer. I may even re-watch this one. I love how little we’re told. What a rare treat, these days.

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Dark Peak (Teaser) from Carnaby Films on Vimeo.

Sources: DreadCentral, IMDb

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