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Eli Roth is Directing Massive Shark Movie MEG

Eli Roth to direct Meg

Eli Roth is Directing Megalodon Shark Movie Meg. Warner Bros. has been trying to make Steven Alten‘s novel Meg into a movie since 1997. The novel, Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, takes us from the Cretaceous Period to modern day, about a crackpot paleontologist who claims to have seen a Megalodon. Of course, people only believe him once its too late, and the meg kills massive amounts of animals and people.

I’m glad Roth is focusing on directing movies again, and leaving the producing game to someone else. He seems to have found something rewarding (perhaps money) in that area of the business lately, and I’m relieved he’s taking on project after project. I want Eli Roth to eventually make a great horror film, and I think he’s got it in him. Perhaps when he’s older, in his fifties. We’ll have to see. For now, we have The Green Inferno, which I’m incredibly excited for, Knock Knock, and Meg.

According to Birth.Movies.Death,

Some big changes have already been made. For one thing the action has been moved from the coast of California to the coast of China, a move that guarantees international financing. That’s the future, folks – everybody’s going to China in all your favorite Hollywood franchises. The script, by Dean Georgaris, was apparently getting Warner Bros excited already, but you have to assume that Jurassic World making all the money really led to WB putting the pedal to the metal here.

The Meg of the title is a Megaladon, a 60 foot prehistoric shark that eats people in the book. I assume he will do the same in the movie. How do you make a 60 foot shark seem special in an era of garbage fucking Sharknado and Sharktopus movies? Well, letting Roth go ham on it is a good start. I kind of doubt this will be an R-rated movie, but I think Roth can still create a lot of great visceral action scenes. And maybe, just maybe, WB will bow to the niche collector market and allow Eli to shoot some extra gnarly Meg kills for an unrated Blu. I’d buy that.

I strongly urge Warner Bros. to go the Rated-R route here. Then again, Jaws was Rated PG, and that terrified me for years. But Roth is no Spielberg, and I’d feel better if he was able to use his violence and gore toolbox on this project. Then again – perhaps this will force him to learn about suspense, slow-burn, tension, etc. This could be the best thing for Roth’s entire career. We’ll see! No matter what, I’m excited to see Roth take on a massive studio blockbuster film. This is going to get interesting.

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