How I doubled my Technorati Authority in Less than Two Weeks


So you’ve started an Entertainment Movie blog, joined Technorati, have an Authority of 1 and want to increase your Authority. Authority is all about linking. The more sites that link to you and your content, the higher your Authority. Here’s how I doubled my Technorati Authority in less than Two Weeks.

Join the right Blog Directories

Take a look at all of the blog directories I am a part of at the bottom of this page. Most only put my site name and full RSS feed out there; few drive traffic to my site. That is why it is important to become part of the right Blog Directories that link to your site, cough*LAMB*end cough. If you ask very nicely in comments, I will tell you which ones those are.


Joining the Entrecard blog advertising service raised my Technorati Authority three points. You have to aggressively drop your card though like I did. When people log into their website, they see my avatar in their Mybloglog visit box and my Entrecard in their Entrecard Drop Box. Some of these people come back to my site, especially those who advertise the label: “You Drop” or “You Comment, I Follow.” My page views and traffic increased, a small percentage commented on my posts but most importantly, a few linked to my page.


I made good comments on sites that had posts I was interested in e.g. SoundtrackGeek, MovieZeal, TerrorHotties, et cetera. Eventually I made friends that linked to me and I returned the favor. In affect, we formed a film community or network of like-minded individuals.

Writing Quality Reviews and Posts

Most of my Film Reviews are a minimum of 450 words. My review for X-Men 3 is 1,496 words in length. I had a lot to say about that…film. If I can not talk about a film in at least 450 words, I usually forgo reviewing it. There are plenty of guys and sites out there that review EVERYTHING. It’s just me here so I have to be selective and passionate about what I am reviewing, whether that passion is positive or negative. If what you write on your movie website is recycled dog food, you will not establish a loyal readership, something I am trying to do right now. You have to write good posts and articles that are worthy of being linked to and disseminated. Entertain your readers damn it, make them laugh and they will return.

In Closing

As of the writing of this article, I am at a Technorati Authority of 12 since my site came online seven weeks ago. I do not know if that is a record or how it stacks up against other entertainment movie blogs but it seems good to me. Being at a Technorati Authority of 1 sucked, even when I had just started out. It meant no one was linking to me.

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