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INFERNO (2016) Movie Image: Tom Hanks Cracks Another DaVinci Code

Tom Hanks Felicity Jones Inferno

Inferno Movie Image Released. When I heard about pulpy paperback thrillers by Dan Brown, way before the first film adaptation ever saw the light of day, I thought I had found my next obsession. I love the occult, secret rituals perpetrated by the church or more underground organizations. I love conspiracies, that idea that there’s something beneath the thin veneer of our oh-so-normal society. That Washington D.C.’s very architecture is designed with some extremely questionable symbols within it. Things of that nature. Then I saw The DaVinci Code (2006) and Angels & Demons (2009) and realized that these are some of most boring, inane, mundane, empty nothings I have ever seen. If you’re looking for more of what I described above, give Alan Moore‘s From Hell comic a look – it’s astonishingly great. If you’re looking for more of the latter, and love seeing Tom Hanks run around cities, arriving at crime scenes late enough to blather about things that could be fascinating, but have been reduced to the level of four-quadrant-children’s reading level, then hey – there’s a fantastic new film coming out.

We have the first few movie images from the upcoming Inferno for you. Take a look below.

Tom Hanks Omar Sy Irrfan Khan Felicity Jones Sidse Babett Knudsen Inferno




According to Slashfilm, “Inferno will see Langdon back to solving puzzles, but this time he’s having some trouble remembering the past 36 hours of his life and Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) must help him out in order to stop a madman’s sinister plan that has ties to Dante’s Inferno.”

So, there you have it. The deficient elderly and clueless children across the country will love these films, and Tom Hanks and Ron Howard will make a vast sum of money. All is right in the world.

Inferno will be released in U.S. theatres on October 14, 2016.

Inferno‘s plot synopsis: “After waking up in a hospital room in Florence, Italy, with no memory of what has occurred for the last few days, Robert Langdon suddenly finds himself the target of a manhunt. With the help of Dr. Sienna Brooks and his knowledge of symbology, Langdon will try to escape whilst solving the most intricate riddle he’s ever faced.”

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Sources: Slashfilm, IMDb

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