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JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION: Series To Feature Over 150 Characters [Cartoon Network]

Justice League Action

Justice League Action set to feature over 150 DC Comics characters. Producers on the upcoming animated superhero show revealed that it would boast a cast including dozens of heroes and villains from the DC Universe.

Speaking to members of the press at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Butch Lukic, Alan Burnett, and Jim Krieg announced that Justice League Action will have a total of 150 characters, with 60 being superheros, 40 being villains, and the remainder being supporting characters. They clarified that this was the total for the first season, leaving the door open to even more characters in the show’s future.

John Constantine “is in quite a few early episodes, and Demon,” Lukic said. “Space Cabbie — DC wanted him involved in the series, and he turned out to be a good choice. We definitely can go a lot of places with Space Cabbie.”

Lukic promises an Apokalips/Darkseid story that has not appeared in comics, while Krieg said other plots would be “stolen” from other media. “Some were loosely based [on comics]. There’s an episode that was Alan’s favorite comic book from when he was a kid, and we found a way to adapt it into a multi-part episode.”

“It’s one where they have to disguise themselves as each other against the Brothers D’Jinn,” Burnett said, adding that the villains were called The Demons Three in the comics. “If they said their name as they were casting a spell, then they would cast their spell [and the heroes would lose their powers]. But if they said the wrong name, the spell wouldn’t have any effect. That’s why they wear disguises. I loved it as a kid.”

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