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FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK (2016): Adam Nimoy Shares Father’s Legacy in Documentary [StarTrekNY 2016]

For The Love of Spock Panel

Adam Nimoy Discusses The Life of Leonard Nimoy in New Documentary For The Love of Spock. Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam shared with audiences at the Star Trek: Mission New York on his latest project, The Love of Spock, a documentary on the life of his father and his character Spock. Producer David Zappone joined him as they talked about the film and how Leonard’s role as Spock left an impact on the Star Trek universe and the community. With clips from his father that were already shot along with interviews with different people in the man’s life, Adam gives a clear picture on what kind of a man his father was.

At the start of the panel, Adam Nimoy discussed the experience of working on the documentary. He mentioned that the film was originally suppose to be a collaboration between him and his father to help commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek series. Adam said that the film initially was supposed to focus on the creation of Spock and his evolution through the years. However, after the passing of Leonard in February 2015, Adam wanted to expand the film and focus on his father’s life and legacy. Using film clips, photos, and interviews, it gave a complete picture of what it was like to be him with enough focus on his character Spock.

Adam touched on the loss of his father and how it affected not just his friends and family, but the fans as well. He told the audience that Leonard left a tremendous impact on the world. In order to fund the film, Adam said he and David had to resort to Kickstarter in which the fans got to donate the project. Towards the end of the campaign, the documentary soon became the most successful film to get funded on the site. It became a tough project for the team, as it required a lot of licensing on their part. After a successful campaign, the film made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival this year.

For The Love of Spock Panel

Adam went on to talk about his partnership with David and how it came to be. He said that his father first introduced him to David after seeing the work he did with William Shatner and his expertise on the original series. Even though his father passed, Adam said he still felt his father’s presence as he worked on the project. “My dad’s spirit was very much with us during the production of the film.”

During the panel, Adam and David showcased the trailer for the documentary as well as a clip to give the audience a taste of what the film is about. Adam said that after finishing the film, he had positive feedback from colleagues like director Nicholas Meyer. The documentary got to interview most of the surviving members of the cast and crew. The clip gave everyone the idea of how compassionate Leonard was when he was in projects that didn’t go his way or anyone else’s and fought hard to give everyone what they want. However, the film didn’t get to use any of the later stuff that Leonard worked on, whether it was his earlier film Catlow or his roles on shows like Colombo, The Big Bang Theory and Fringe.

During the Q&A, Adam answered some fan questions regarding the film and his life growing up with his father, which was part of the third act of the film. He said that he was in the set a lot as a kid and got to know most of the cast. Adam said that he was a Trekkie even before the show aired. Adam also expressed the ups and downs of Leonard acting career. Leonard’s son answered some questions regarding the new film Star Trek Beyond, saying how much it touched his father and thought Zachary Quinto has done marvelously in the role. He expressed that his father had solace in Zachary being able to play the character. Adam also said he was critical of how the writers will give new life to Spock going forward in the next films, but he believed that Quinto will manage to break new ground with the character. Other topics that Adam said that the film will address is Leonard’s thoughts on Gene Roddenberry’s choice in picking Nimoy in the role, Spock’s death in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Adam’s journey to acting school after leaving his pursuit in law.

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