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OUTCAST: Season 1, Episode 09: Close to Home: TV Show Trailer [Cinemax]

Patrick Fugit Outcast Close to Home

Cinemax’s Outcast Close to Home TV show trailer. So it seems the good Rev. Anderson (Philip Glenister) isn’t through being bad, just yet; Sidney & Kat (Brent Spiner, Debra Christofferson), having played the Sympathy Card, seem set on getting back to plain ol’ devilry; while another series do-gooder seems just about ready to start doing some bad, herself.

Between the title, and the whole magnet for collateral damage possession narrative, I figure the do-gooder going bad element to be fairly obvious (if not overdue). Still, I won’t go into it, just yet – especially when the trailer baits us with a little ‘occupational’ hazard, for Sidney & co., courtesy of cornered Anderson, and maybe some further baiting by Ginger Spite, Aaron (C.J. Hoff).

Sure, the kid’s got a knack for provocation; but I don’t care for the character,any, so my focus remains on what the title could mean for Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit).

‘Close to Home’ also stars Wrenn Schmidt, David Denman, Reg E. Cathey, Madeleine McGraw, Callie Brook McClincy, Pete Burris, Melinda McGraw, Andrea Powell, William Betsill, Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick, Jonathan Kleitman, and Toby Huss. It airs Friday, Aug. 5, at 10:00 pm EST, on Cinemax.

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