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POWERLESS: Vanessa Hudgens cast in NBC’s Superhero Comedy TV Series

Vanessa Hudgens Powerless

Vanessa Hudgens cast in NBC‘s Powerless. NBC’s Powerless brings a number of firsts- including a possible starring role on television for Vanessa Hudgens.

Superheroes of all kinds have been all over the big and small screen in the last several years, but as inventive as these origin stories and cinematic universes have been, there’s one thing that they haven’t yet done: comedy. Of course, heroes of both Marvel and DC Comics worlds have had their funny moments, but neither universe has gone so far as to enter the world of sitcoms- until Powerless.

Powerless gives us one of the dullest environments imaginable- an insurance company- set inside one of the most exciting universes imaginable- that of DC Comics. Imagine something kind of like a cross between The Office and The Incredibles. Hudgens’ character, Emily Locke, and her coworkers are all regular people living in a world of heroes and villains; how does one insure a superhero? An insurance claims adjuster, Emily actually enjoys her job because it lets her help people. However, conflict may arise as she gets more and more frustrated by the unique challenges of working in a hero- and villain-populated world.

Written by Ben Queen, directed by Michael Patrick Jann, and co-starring Christina Kirk, this pilot has the potential to add a whole new dimension to the style of superhero stories.

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