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ROCK PAPER DEAD (2016): Tom Holland To Helm Horror Film

Tom Holland

Tom Holland set to direct Rock Paper Dead. The Fright Night and Child’s Play director will work with an impressive creative team on the planned horror film.

Joining Holland on the project are Requiem for a Dream makeup artist Vincent Guastini, Friday the 13th scribe Victor Miller and composer Harry Manfredini. The film, which is set to start production next month, will also have numerous merchandise tie-ins such as Halloween masks to promote its release.

Following the story of a “cured” serial killer formerly known as “The Doll Maker”, Rock Paper Dead will show viewers what happens when he returns to his old family home and his old instincts reemerge:

Writer-director Holland’s other credits include numerous Stephen King adaptations including Thinner and The Langoliers as well as several episodes of Tales From The Crypt and Masters Of Horror. He also wrote Psycho II. Rock Paper Dead will be produced by Amy Williams (Mothers And Daughters), Miller and Kerry Fleming (who co-wrote the project).

Guastini, a co-producer on the film, will provide the special makeup effects, including a line of serial killer-inspired dolls and masks based on the film. The dolls will be from the the Doll Maker’s collection of victim dolls and represent each of the victims shown in the film. He also will create death masks that will be seen in the movie.

The items will then be part of a line of film-inspired merchandise items that will be available in stores around the time of the film’s expected release in theaters right before Halloween 2017.

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