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THE FLASH: New Clip & First Trailer [CW]

Grant Gustin The Flash

The CW adds TV show clip & full trailer for Flash promo. Where The Flash is concerned, it seems a fast track promotional campaign was to be expected. Fresh off the roll out of its first teaser clip, aired during the season two finale of Arrow, The CW has released both a 30 second clip, and an extended trailer.

The clip gives us a monologue intro, and a demonstration of the Flash in motion. The trailer, at almost five and a half minutes running time, takes us into Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) back story, how that singular event affected his career, a recount of his Arrow origin event, and where the pilot (and likely the series) will go from there. Included in the post-coma scenes are the notions of a dimensional event, linked to the Flash’s origin, giving rise to possible other “Metahumans,” the formation of “Team Flash,” meant to track them down, and Barry’s first real test: source Flash villain the Weather Wizard. As if that weren’t enough, the new hero gets a few pointers from a familiar archer.

The good news is that the production values look about as good as it gets, for The CW. The back story looks to provide a dark edge behind both Barry’s character, and the show’s overall mythology. The use of the term Metahuman (to the DCU what the X-gene has been for Marvel’s Mutant-verse) guarantees more superhuman threats for Barry to deal with, and offers a much wider window, for The Flash, to the larger DCU.

The bad news is that for all its flash & substance, the trailer still suggests some core “CW values” to the series (puppy-love, chatty side-kicks, cast & extras by Abercrombie & Fitch). The Metahuman plot device runs the risk of mirroring Smallville‘s Kryptonite “freak of the week” format; made worse by the possibility of Team Flash becoming more of a Scooby Gang. As gratifying as it was to see The Arrow (Stephen Amell) having a role to play, the appearance came with such somberness, typical to Arrow, as to suggest an imbalance to The Flash; some possible difficulty in reconciling its darker elements with its lighter tone.

Time will tell. Consider the time travel aspect, and – well, best to not get too far ahead of The Flash….

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