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THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE (2017): Lego Dark Knight Will Pay Homage

Lego Batman

The Lego Batman Movie will pay homage. Few would have expected The Lego Movie to be as successful as it was, but in the end it grossed over 468 million dollars worldwide. Considering it was done with a budget of 60 million and the feat seems all the more applaud worthy.

For many the stand out star of the film was Lego Batman, played by Will Arnett. Though only a lowly member of a larger ensemble cast, Lego Batman was funny, and it seems, the one that producers are backing to be a hit on his own. Lego Batman, the first of a series of Lego movies, was given the go-ahead and is slated for a 2017 release, with The Lego Movie 2 slated for a release the year after that.

The film will be co-written and directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, with the duo insisting that they will pay significant homage to the storied history of the caped crusader, telling Empire “Rest assured that every era of Batman film-making will be acknowledged. There have been so many interpretations of Batman and there is so much to play with there…”

Miller, Lord, and Arnett gave further information about the film in a recent interview with MTV. Phil Lord was keen to mention how this animated flick will delve deep into Batman’s emotional journey and ask the question: Is Batman happy?

Lord, and company were also coy on whether any previous Batmen would make cameo appearances. I for one would love to see George Clooney play Batman again, if only to remember his awkward foray into the world of super-hero blockbusters.

However, it is unlikely that the film will be an emotional one as the group was also more than happy to share some tid-bits about the major action sequences that will be a part of the project.

Whatever happens, the film is turning into, what could be, one of the biggest films of 2017.

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