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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 1, Episode 11: Astroburger [The CW]

The CW’s iZombie Astroburger TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 1, Episode 11: Astroburger made a change in narrative when the brains of a metal patient that Liv (Rose McIver) ate made her delusional. In this show, Liv never knows what kind of brains she gets and has no idea what the side effects will be, so there would always be surprises for her and the audience. Scott E’s brains gave a clever opportunity for the writers to mess with both our heads and Liv’s when it came to what was real to her and what wasn’t.

The dead giveaways, no pun intended, to the delusions were pretty clear when Liv started seeing talking devils everywhere she went. It didn’t occur to us that there may be other delusions to factor in once we saw Johnny Frost showing up in Liv’s apartment. The episode felt like a psychological thriller as Liv confronted with the fragments of reality.

Even our emotions were being toyed with when it came to Major (Robert Buckley). It was obvious that he wasn’t over what Scott E said to him about zombies and he went so far as to make sure that none of his friends knew what he was up to. It was hard to believe that Major made a big discovery about the existence of zombies. He even lied to Liv that he was out looking for work when he was actually investigating Blaine (David Anders) and his cohort Julien on their brain operation. Even when Liv revealed to Major that zombies were real, it was believable to see his calm reaction to this revelation. However, that was not the case because no one can honestly be so relaxed after finding out that zombies exist. At least Ravi (Rahul Kohli) didn’t feel that way during the first episode.

The amount of hallucinations worked well with the emotions throughout the episode. It put Liv in a tough spot after finding a video of her in full zombie-mode, knowing that she may end up exposed or even dead based on what Major said to her regarding the elimination of her kind. If only someone told Major the truth sooner, then he would have a heads up for Blaine and Julien who will definitely be going after him.

The highlight performance of the episode goes to Daran Norris who did a great job portraying weatherman Johnny Frost. He owned every scene he was in, even though it turned out that he was only a figment of Liv’s temporary mind. His dialogues were spot on and his commentaries were really funny. If only there was some way we could have him become a regular on the show.

As much as we hate Blaine, he was a guy that had some signs of respect. He was calm when he was threatened by a businessman to steal the brains of a famous astronaut. He made it like it was any other delivery, which makes him good at playing the villain so well. David Anders does wonders playing a charming bad guy, so it will be interesting to see the ensuing battle between him and Liv when the time comes.

‘Astroburger’ brought in a whole lot of trouble and hurt for Liv as the show gets closer to the season finale. Major is also about to face some hurdles as his new mission may cause the people around him to get caught in the crossfire, including Liv. All the threads are slowly coming together and there may be a cure for zombie-ism to top all that. With Blaine and Major’s storylines coming to a head, prepare for a battle royale to happen. Dangerous times are ahead as we only have two episodes left this season. So the plot thickens, as it gets richer and complex with many moving parts unscrambling and getting closer together.

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