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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 1, Episode 5: Flight of the Living Dead [The CW]

iZombie Flight of the Living Dead

The CW’s iZombie Flight of the Living Dead TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 1, Episode 5: Flight of the Living Dead was clear that zombies have spread after Liv found out she isn’t the only one living a secret life. It makes you wonder how many zombies are out there that have blended into human society. Even though this show won’t go all zombie apocalypse on us, seeing that zombies have functioned into our world definitely expands the world of iZombie a whole lot more.

It was nice to see Liv (Rose McIver) connecting with another zombie facing the quarrels of living as one. Lowell (Bradley James) was hard to figure out that he was actually a zombie, yet he already knew that Liv was one of the undead. It would’ve been nice if Liv got some insight on how Lowell got turned in order to learn more about what she is. For all we know, maybe Lowell is lying about being a zombie? Liv could’ve been smart enough to consider this when she spoke with Lowell, but maybe it was because she longed for finding a connection where she wouldn’t have to hide her secret or because her dead sorority sister Holly had a thing for him. Maybe once the brains wear off, Liv can get a clear head. It was especially funny for Ravi (Rahul Kohli) to see Liv gushing about the new guy.

Besides the skepticism, Rose and Bradley’s chemistry was spot on since their first interaction at the interrogation room. It was adorable to see Liv blushing over the new zombie guy, especially after seeing Liv becoming a sociopath a couple of episodes ago. It’s good to see Rose McIver embody different personalities in each episode and seeing her acting chops as she changes her role each time has become a real treat.

The case of the week became more personal for Liv as she investigated what happened to her sorority sister Holly whom her peeps kicked out while they were in college. After devouring her brains, Liv gets a better understanding of how Holly lived life to the fullest by taking risks and living every day as if it were her last. There were a couple of suspects that may have had a hand in Holly’s death, especially professional snowboarder Caron McCone, played by Veronica Mars alum Ryan Hansen. For fans of the cult series, it was good to see Hansen come back and play the same laid-back role he is known for.

Detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) certainly didn’t get deprived from this episode as we see the dedicated homicide cop trying to go through the ranks to impress his superiors. Speaking of superiors, who would’ve imagined that the man in charge of the police force turned out to be a zombie? Seeing him put hot sauce in his coffee was a dead giveaway to the audience that Clive’s boss is a zombie like Liv. This shocking revelation definitely puts things in perspective as we grow closer to Blaine’s (David Anders) plan involving a horde of zombies. Hopefully this opens Clive’s eyes as he investigates the missing kids at the skate park.

The episode overall gave us another case of the week, but it did reveal some juicy details on our characters and also expanded the zombie world. The police station doesn’t seem to have any order, which can be confusing to people, especially with people coming in and out the morgue and Liv always in the interrogation room, sometimes alone with the suspects. Anyway, we are slowly getting more and more curious of the undead, so we hope Liv stays more cautious about the new zombies who are entering her life.

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