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TV Review: LEGENDS: Season 1, Episode 10: Identity [TNT]

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TNT’s Legends Identity TV Show Review. Legends: Season 1, Episode 10: Identity is the second part of a two-part season finale. Martin Odum (Sean Bean) who has taken on kidnappers, rescued his family and confronted Verax killers up close and personal finds himself in a familiar position. In the last episode, he and Sonya Odum (Amber Valletta), took on a number of Verax contract killers. Before it was over, Martin finally got Sonya to come clean about details of his past but she catches a bullet in the process.

After checking on Sonya, who is recovering from a gunshot wound, Crystal McGuire (Ali Larter) informs Martin that she spoke with her father (Madison Mason) about “Operation Raining Fire.” Crystal drops some pretty heavy information on him. She tells Martin we bombed our own troops and 400 soldiers died. Martin has a very hard time swallowing this information. His expression shows he is truly carrying a lot of weight…guilt. He is not sure what his involvement in all of this is but he knows he was involved. Martin tells Crystal that he was never in a car accident. He tells her he was in Iraq and that Martin Odum is a legend. This scene plays out very eerie and both actors pull it off. Martin’s real identity is classified and he still only remembers bits of what happened in Iraq. At this point, he is the man who knows too much…but he has forgotten whatever it is Verax wants to keep hidden.

Back at DCO, all of the issues are laid on the table. Deputy Director Nicholas Spillner (Marshall Bell), confirms that Verax was able to find the safe house and he wants any information about them to be kept silent. Spillner is rubbing me the wrong way. First this man was willing to let DCO take a hit over the Hani Jibril (Chrsitine Adams) incident. After that situation was cleared up they let the true culprits off the hook and forced Nelson Gates (Steve Harris) and his team to be complicit in their cover up. They have a leak in their department and continue to not try to figure out where that leak is coming from. I am really wondering why all of these individuals cannot see though Spillner. Before they can catch their breath, Spillner produces a picture of John Cameron and tells them Verax is planning an attack on American soil. He then proceeds to tell the team that Cameron may have orchestrated the assault on the safe house and on Martin. He has effectively created a boogey man and Gates buys into it without any questions. Now their focus is on finding John Cameron…a man who was in Iraq at the same time Martin was.

After finding Cameron’s apartment and even getting to speak with him on the phone, Martin is taken by Verax and finally gets to meet Jason Shaw (Chance Kelly). Shaw fills in almost all of the blanks for Martin. Operation raining Fire was supposed to be a mission to stop Shaw. All of those men in the infamous picture stole the military’s pacification funds, weapons of mass destruction and Jason Shaw led them. Martin infiltrated their group as legend…John Cameron for M16. Before they could move the shipment, Martin escaped and ordered an air strike. Knowing that he had killed so many soldiers may also have something to do with his advanced memory loss. While Shaw is catching Martin up on old news, his team was busy setting John Cameron up for murder. Director Bennett is killed by a sniper and a video of Martin taking responsibility for it surfaces. The video is not real but it completes the setup. All of this was pretty extensive and will no doubt produce a strong season 2.

After Martin is setup and DCO is shut down, Spillner is sworn in as the new Director of the FBI and he announces his first mission will be bringing Martin to justice. So now the whole game is played. Arcadia, Verax and the other shady players now have Spillner as a powerful ally. After all Martin has been through since the Stranger (Billy brown) told him he wasn’t Martin Odum, he now has nothing to lose. Gates has sworn to help him but will have to do so on the down low. After all Shaw and Spillner have done, Martin will no doubt give his all to break them and set the record straight. The show made a very powerful statement and comeback in the finale. In the end Martin still doesn’t know who he is but he has a few powerful characters to go after in season 2.

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