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TV Review: SCORPION: Season 1, Episode 22: Postcards from the Edge [CBS]

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CBSScorpion Postcards from the Edge TV Show Review. Scorpion: Season 1, Episode 22: Postcards from the Edge showcased how a near death experience can cause a person to rethink their priorities. In Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gabel)’s case, his brush with death kept families across the nation on the edge of their seats until the final minutes of the show.

The first several minutes of the season finale skillfully built suspense, as irritation turned to concern for all members of the Scorpion family. It was interesting to see how each person’s worry manifested itself in different ways. Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) was irritated, a hat she wears so well. Her biting tongue was unleashed on Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee), a buildup from her feelings of abandonment at Paige’s decision to move to Maine. Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham), the resident worrier, was most anxious when he discovered Walter had missed Megan O’Brien (Camille Guaty)’s doctor’s appointment. Ralph Dineen (Riley B. Smith), stoic and a bit forlorn, left a heartbreaking message for his mentor.

The pace of the episode picked up once Walter’s car was found. This is where “Scorpion” excels. No other show on television features such intelligent, resourceful characters. Without a way to view Walter or his injuries, the team taped a phone to a remote controlled hovercraft and sent it down. Recently unemployed Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), non-genius and resident badass, flashed his scuba badge to free his team from a squad car. Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas) talked Walter through minor surgery, cauterizing his wound with a cigarette lighter and a silver pen. And Happy, as only she can, stole a crane, built a harness, and lowered Cabe to the rescue. As it does every week, the show’s action sequences delivered a nail-biting, last-second rescue.

Most noteworthy about the finale, however, was the character development. As with any good show, backstory is doled out sparingly, keeping the viewers coming back for more. Such is the case with “Scorpion”. Though we learned about the connection between Cabe and Walter in the pilot, details kept unfolding throughout the season, coming to a head in Episode 21. Not much was revealed about the relationship between the four geniuses, only that they had been a band of brothers for several years. The finale, however, enriched each of these friendships.

Pondering the chances of his survival, Walter begins to reminisce with each of his teammates. Talking with Cabe about tending his daughter’s grave, there is forgiveness there, and a desire to move forward from the harsh words they had exchanged. Next came Toby, then Happy, and finally Sylvester. Each story was an explanation for the unbreakable connection between each of the members and their leader.

Throughout his ordeal, Walter continually asked for Paige. In her short time with the team, she has been able to move him in ways he did not think he could be affected. With a self-proclaimed low EQ, Walter always had trouble making emotional connections with people. Throughout the season, audiences have seen the connection and growing relationship between these two. That she would be included in the list of people he would want to have last words with is as loud an exclamation of love as Walter O’Brien could make.

While the finale delivered great action sequences and rich emotional development, it certainly left characters in limbo. Will Cabe get his job back? What will happen to the team if he doesn’t? When will Walter confess his true feelings for Paige? Hopefully, answers will be revealed when Season 2 premieres in September.

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