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TV Review: SOUTH PARK: Season 15, Episode 10: Bass to Mouth

South Park

South Park Season 15 Episode 10 Bass to Mouth. South Park: Season 15, Episode 10: Bass to Mouth was an ingredient in the conjecture over whether South Park is losing some of its “mojo”, a prevalent issue among fans and critics. Of course, the show’s own creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, seemed to be asking this very question in the spring finale episode “You’re Getting Old.” Central to this question is the debate over which “type” of South Park episode is best, and which has more potential going forward. Particularly in recent years, there has been a growing divide between big picture, current events-themed episodes, and simpler episodes that just feature the kids conducting shenanigans around town. Many fans have a strong preference for one type or the other, but episodes more geared toward specific satire and current events have largely dominated recent seasons. Well, this Wednesday’s episode brought a little bit of both types.

At the outset of this South Park episode (Bass of Mouth), the kids are all excited about the new website “Eavesdropper,” which is posting embarrassing rumors about many of the students at school. Cartman, of course, is particularly delighted, and actually ends up being called in by the administration to help them to stop humiliated children from committing suicide due to the spreading of rumors. Meanwhile, the other kids, led by the moralistic Kyle, attempt to find out who is behind the website – and the answer is something that just about nobody could have predicted.

It turns out that an evil, gossip-crazed gerbil, named “Wikileaks,” is behind the spreading of the rumors. This discovery quickly led to a reintroduction of Lemmiwinks, the class gerbil made famous in the season 6 episode “The Death Camp of Tolerance.” In that episode, the heroic Lemmiwinks journeyed through the insides of Mr. Slave, with guidance from mystical hero-animal ghosts like the Frog Prince, the Sparrow Prince, and the Catatafish. Now, it seems, Wikileaks, the evil brother of Lemmiwinks, is spreading rumors – and only Lemmiwinks can stop him. The Frog Prince and Sparrow Prince send the Catatafish to get the children, who retrieve Lemmiwinks and set up the ultimate showdown against Wikileaks. As always, much hilarity ensues.

In this reviewer’s opinion, this episode was exactly what South Park fans needed. Many fans are still trying to figure out the aftermath of the confusing and game-changing “You’re Getting Old” episode, and last week’s “Last of the Meheecans” episode was a bit too focused on immigrations to help people get over the hump and simply focus on South Park. With this week’s episode, Trey and Matt brought the focus back on the kids and their shenanigans, and even threw in some serious South Park history with Lemmiwinks and the gang. Of course, there was a slight jab at Julian Assange and the Wikileaks issues – but for the most part, this was good, old, wacky South Park. This was not only a good episode, but an important one for getting things back to usual. If you missed the episode, you’ll have a chance to watch it on for the next week, or you can look into direct tv promotions to see if one of the extra programming packages offered can offer you brand new episodes.

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