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TV Review: STAR TREK: DISCOVERY: Season 1, Episode 12: Vaulting Ambition [CBS]

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Star Trek: Discovery Vaulting Ambition Review

Star Trek: Discovery: Season 1, Episode 12: Vaulting Ambition. This Star Trek: Discovery Vaulting Ambition review holds that the episode is a gripping addition to the series and boasts the biggest twist it’s thrown at us so far.

After a slew of episodes featuring fairly standard special effects, the graphics for this one are quite the sight to behold. More specifically, they are particularly impressive in rendering Empress Georgiou’s (Michelle Yeoh) flagship, which appears to be a converted Klingon cruiser if the schematics for the ship seen in the program are anything to go by. But its when we first catch a glimpse of the massive vessel, adorned with colorful lights and menacing angles, that it makes the most impact.

The impact is compounded, of course, by the proceedings taking place on the ship. One of my earliest complaints (or reservations, to put it more accurately) about the show was how it killed Georgiou off so early. It’s true that she has had a tremendous influence on the events that followed, but that’s not the same thing as her actually playing a role in them. It may not be the same thing as having the original Georgiou back, but Yeoh is just as arresting as her mirror counterpart.

It is also with Georgiou that, regrettably, the episode makes its biggest misstep. At one point during her interrogation of Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), her captive asks her what assurance she has that Georgiou won’t betray her. Citing the moral fiber of her prime timeline counterpart, the empress insists that this is enough for Burnham to trust her. This seems to fly totally in the face of everything we know about the mirror universe – good characters become bad, bad characters become good – so it’s shocking that someone as sensitive to risk as Burnham would accept such an answer from her captor.

But the real shock is when we learn that Lorca (Jason Isaacs) isn’t what he appears to be: that is, not the Lorca from the original timeline but the one from the Mirrorverse. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I honestly hadn’t the slightest idea that this would prove to be the case. It’s the first time I’ve been shocked by a TV show in a long while, and speaks to the ability of the show’s writers to keep it fresh and interesting. With any luck, they’ll build further on this tremendous feat in future episodes of Star Trek: Discovery.

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