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TV Review: THE FLASH: Season 2, Episode 6: Enter Zoom [The CW]

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The CW’s The Flash Enter Zoom TV Show Review. The Flash: Season 2, Episode 6: Enter Zoom proved that Zoom is not your ordinary villain as Team Flash had their first encounter with the speed demon. The episode delivered on action and character development as the dangerous speedster from Earth-2 made his entrance. The show still kept the balance between light and dark, which they did really well. There was definitely a lot of moments that stood out in this week’s episode before we witnessed the wrath of Zoom.

‘Enter Zoom’ started with what looked like a rematch between Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Doctor Light (Malese Jow). After watching last week’s trailer for the episode, it was pretty clear what was taking place. If we were only kept in the dark about the plot before spoiling it in the trailer, we would have been a bit surprised by what culminated into this rematch.

Following that flash-forward opening, the episode really built up on the showdown between Barry and Zoom while also staying light and humorous. Most of the fun came from Team Flash as they tried to train Linda Park into taking the place of her evil counterpart. The scene at the warehouse where Linda was testing out her powerful gadgets was one of the funniest scenes we saw on the show’s history. It was especially funny with Cisco (Carlos Valdes) giving those awkward poses in those ridiculous cardboard cutouts. It was cool of the show to give Linda more to do on the show since last season she was underutilized in a couple of episodes.

The laugh fest didn’t stop when it all lead up to the battle between Barry and Linda to lure Zoom into a trap. Even though the fight was all theatrics, it was still entertaining to see how the fight turned out with all the knowledge we gathered since the beginning of the episode. Linda and Barry were just going back and forth in a hero vs. villain dialogue that seemed so unbelievable. Despite how the battle turned out, everyone still felt some tension as everyone was waiting for Zoom who didn’t bother to show up.

Going past all the humor in the episode, there was some drama also that shaped up into the ultimate showdown. We started to understand some of Barry’s motivations into going after Zoom. The episode made a nice connection to the season premiere regarding Harrison Wells’ (Tom Cavanagh) video message. Barry feared that Wells was right about him not being truly happy even after what his family went through. Despite everything going on with him, it was great to see romance blooming between Barry and Patty (Shantel VanSanten). Their chemistry has a nice dynamic; making the scenes they did together make it so real and warm.

Meanwhile, we did get some more insight on what has driven Wells into going after Zoom. We already found out that Zoom is currently keeping his daughter Jesse (Violett Beane) hostage. We also learn a bit about their strained relationship on Earth-2 before the whole fiasco with Zoom. It was good that the show pointed out that this is Jesse Quick from the comics. We probably might see that she may end up with super-speed during her time in captivity.

We also got some screen time with Zoom after not getting a proper look at him from the past couple of episodes. The team certainly underestimated what Zoom can do after blindly following Barry’s plan to lure him into a trap. This proved that it’s not just speed, but it’s how cunning Zoom can be. Tony Todd does a wonderful job voicing him with his terrifying and deep voice.

The confrontation between Barry and Zoom was eerily similar to Barry’s first encounter with Reverse-Flash. However, our hero got it so much worse than his fight with Reverse-Flash. Barry did put up a big fight, but Zoom totally overpowered him and left him all beaten up. Barry ended up injured and recovering in STAR Labs, but we know that Barry won’t give up, but he has a lot more to learn.

The episode ‘Enter Zoom’ gave us an entertaining hour as we got our first real look at Zoom and what he’s capable of. Zoom left quite a mark during his first fight with Barry. The build-up was well worth the wait, offering some funny moments and some drama that moved the show forward. Hopefully we learn more on Zoom’s background sometime during the season, but at least we got a closer look at him and his capabilities.

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