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TAKEN 2: Rade Sherbedgia Cast as Villain in Untitled Sequel

Rade Sherbedgia

Untitled Taken Sequel casts Rade Sherbedgia as the villain. 20th Century Fox  just announced that Serbian actor Rade Sherbedgia has been cast as the villain “Murad” in EuropaCorp’s Taken 2, which stars Liam Neeson. In Taken (reviewed here: Taken (2008) Movie Review), Liam Neeson portrayed the retired CIA agent “Bryan Mills,” who used his tactical skills to save his daughter from kidnappers involved in the slave trade. In the process of rescuing his daughter, and left a trail of dead slave traders/kidnappers along the way. One of those dead was the son of “Murad,” and he is out for vengeance. So, he kidnaps both Mill’s and his wife–and Mill’s daughter, is recruited to help save her parents.

Sherbedgia will next star in Angelina Jolies directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, which will be released in December. Sherbedgia’s credits include Batman BeginsMission: Impossible II and a memorable turn as Boris “The Blade” Yurinov in Snatch.

Sherbedgia may not be familiar by name, but he has been in a few big budget flicks; X-Men: First Class and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Pt 1. Filming is set to begin on the film later this month. The original Taken film was a surprise at the box office, taking in over a whopping $226 million worldwide, on a budget of only a mere $25 million.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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