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Video TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD: Season 4, Episode 14: The Grove

Melissa McBride The Walking Dead The Grove

AMC‘s The Walking Dead The Grove TV Show Review. This Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 14: The Grove TV show review is in video form utilizing the trailer promo for the episode.

The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 14: The Grove‘s plot synopsis (spoilers): “Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika and Judith continue in the railroad tracks on their way to Terminus. Carol tells Tyreese about Lizzie’s sympathy for walkers and Mika’s lack of toughness, like her deceased daughter Sophia. While Carol and Mika get supplies, Tyreese and Lizzie encounter a walker who gets trapped within the tracks; Lizzie pleads with Tyreese not to kill it, as it is not a threat to them. Carol tells Mika that she has to eventually learn how to fight instead of run, while Mika tells her that she can kill walkers, who she views as a threat, unlike her sister. The two then stumble upon a house in a grove, where the group decides to take shelter. The next day, Lizzie plays tag with a walker, which is killed by Carol; this upsets Lizzie. Carol and Mika hunt for animals after witnessing a forest fire in the distance, however Mika is unable to kill a deer. Mika later finds Lizzie feeding the trapped walker in the railroad tracks and contemplating about getting bitten to join them, but the sisters later flee after a herd of charred walkers chase after them. While Carol begins to warm up to the idea of staying at the grove, Tyreese admits that he has nightmares about Karen and he is not ready to be around other people. When the two return to the house, they discover that Lizzie has killed Mika and is about to kill Judith; she wants her sister to return as a walker. After Tyreese, Lizzie and Judith enter the house, Carol secretly and tearfully prevents Mika’s reanimation. Tyreese and Carol debate on what should be done to Lizzie, in which Tyreese tells Carol that Lizzie admitted that she had been feeding the walkers at the prison, leading him to believe that she killed Karen, but realizes Lizzie would not have the strength to move the bodies, and Carol points out Lizzie would have let Karen reanimate. Nevertheless, the two conclude that Lizzie cannot be around others. The next day, Carol executes Lizzie and admits to Tyreese that she murdered Karen and David. Tyreese forgives her, but tells her that he will not forget it. After burying the girls, Tyreese, Carol and Judith then proceed to Terminus on the railroad tracks.”

The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 14: The Grove starred Melissa McBride, Chad L. Coleman, Brighton Sharbino, and Kyle Kenedy.

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