What did you think?: Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Now that you have seen Alice in Wonderland (2010), what did you think of it? How does this version of Alice in Wonderland stack up with all the other verisons? Would you rather have seen a remake of the classic tale or is Tim Burton‘s take refreshing? Was it a mistake or an ingenious step away from the original material? The film has been met with some skeptism about the addition of 3D post filming rather than shot navtively in 3D from the beginning like Avatar. Did that matter to you? Did you see signs of the post work? Has Johnny Depp created another iconic character like Captain Jack Sparrow or was his Mad Hatter more along the lines of his Willy Wonka? Leave your thoughts on Alice in Wonderland (2010) below?  

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  • Great movie but the 3D took away from it rather than adding, Helena Bonham Carter was absolutely amazing, she owned the movie from beginning to end. There is a bit of girl-power tossed in that will probably annoy our crotchety, chauvinistic uncles but the pacing, story and characters were all really good. My only gripe was the White Queen paled largely in comparison to everyone else (no pun intended), she just seemed out of place… and the Jabberwocky was lackluster. Still I will be purchasing it when it comes out on Blu-Ray. Depp and Burton doing it up as usual.

  • Glad to hear it.

    Regarding the 3D,that is what happens when the 3D effects are an after-thought after the film has completed filming.

  • Alice gets a 'meh' from me. Maybe the audience experience was to blame, but I never got into it.

  • You have to see movies during the Golden Time:

  • I've found that the first screening on Saturday and Sunday are best. Case in point. Saw Daybreakers at 1 on Saturday – no problem. Youth in Revolt at 315 and had to listen to a drunk moron yell at the screen for the last 20 minutes. I have the worst luck at showings, but I'm also too cheap to pay full price for nighttime movies. I have found , like the article says, when I do go to night shows, Wednesday nights are best b/c they're dead.

  • I'll stick with Monday-Wed matinees and the last showings during the week.

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