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WOMB Movie Trailer


The Womb movie trailer has premiered. Womb (2010) is directed by Benedek Fliegauf and stars Eva Green and Matt Smith. Womb‘s plot synopsis: “Rebecca…waited twelve long years to be reunited with her childhood sweetheart, only to loose him again in a fatal accident. The only difference is, now she can bring him back from the dead.” I spoiled this movie for myself by looking on IMDb and reading their spoiler-ific plot synopsis there. Knowing what is really going on casts this movie in a completely different light but I still wish I had not read it. No word yet on when it will be released but it will be shown at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

Source: ThePlaylist

  • http://twitter.com/28DLA Michael Ross Allen

    Im not sure if I like the ending on that trailer, but this one I have not heard of. I will have to check it out. -Mike

  • http://film-book.com/ Film-Book

    I didn’t like the ending of the trailer either. It was abrupt.