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THE 100: Season 5, Episode 13: Damocles, Part 2: Trailer [The CW]

Lola Flanery Marie Avgeropoulos The 100 Damocles Part 2

The 100: Damocles, Part 2 Trailer

The TV show trailer for The CW’s The 100: ‘Damocles, Part 2,’ feature stars Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Paige Turco, Richard Harmon, Christopher Larkin, Lindsey MorganTasya Teles, and Jarod Joseph. Guest stars include Lola FlaneryIvana Milicevic, and William Miller.

So, everything that has happened (and in some cases, not happened) has led to this point. Captain Obvious says: you’re welcome.

According to the trailer for ‘Damocles, Part 2,’ other obvious things include Wonkru getting the better of the new Skaikru, and McCreary (William Miller) not dealing all that well. We also get at least one more what-did-I-ever-see-in-this-guy moment, from Diyoza (Ivana Milicevic), another ship-borne survival plan, more Bellamy (Bob Morley) heroic stubbornness, and – in case the suspense would’ve been too intense – an actual impact to the valley.

Ordinarily, I’d declare this a case of over-share, and wait for the post-air highlights. Instead, I’m going the masochist route, and giving The 100 another chance to impress with what they didn’t just give away.

As spoilery as it all seemed, a case could be made for the resolution being more momentous than the climax (consider last season’s finale). Personally, I’m more than a little curious to see who pays the ultimate price, and who gets added to the redemption wheel. Diyoza would be a logical choice; but McCreary – now, there’d be a gutsy choice for the Murphy Reform award.

‘Damocles, Part 2’ airs August 7,  at 8:00 pm EST,  on The CW.

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The ‘Damocles, Part 2’ trailer:

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