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THE LIBRARIANS: Season Two Discussion and Q&A Panel [TNT, NYCC 2015]

The Librarians Season Two Panel NYCC

TNT’s The Librarians Season Two Discussion and Q&A Panel at NYCC 2015. The Librarians arrived at New York Comic Con for their second year as they promote their upcoming second season premiering on TNT in November. At the Empire Stage, writer/producer Dean Devlin and cast members John Larroquette, Christian Kane, John Kim, Lindy Booth, and Rebecca Romijn gave fans a sneak peak at season two.

The panel began with a quick recap video of what happened during The Librarians’ first season. After the recap, the floor was open to Devlin and the cast of the series with fans overjoyed by their second appearance at New York Comic Con. The second season continues the adventures of a group of people known as the Librarians who travel across the globe to recover ancient artifacts to protect the public from the magic that these items hold. The show carries on from The Librarian film series that starred Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen. Since the job isn’t enough for one person, Flynn recruits three new Librarians: Jacob Stone (Christian Kane), Ezekiel Jones (John Kim), and Cassandra Cillian) to tackle new cases along with a guardian, former NATO agent Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn). Joining them on their journey is Jenkins (John Larroquette), the immortal caretaker of The Library who has knowledge of the world’s secrets through history and time.

Season one started with the Librarians starting out as apprentices quickly learning the ropes of the job. This gave the new members a chance to work as a team, even though they didn’t get along at first. The team went against some enemies in ancient lore and even helped Flynn with some of his cases. Devlin and the cast explained that the second season would continue this journey as the Librarians go on new cases and go up against some of history’s most well known literary characters. Lindy Booth says that the second season would start with a big event that carries on throughout the season. Their new enemy of the season will be Sherlock’s arch nemesis James Moriaty, according to Rebecca Romijn. Christian Kane mentioned that the show would also be digging deeper into his character Jacob Stone’s past and family as we learn in season one that he kept his genius intellect a secret from his family. Despite not trusting Lindy’s character Cassandra since her betrayal in the first season, he still considers her as part of the team and useful for their cases.

The panel also showed some clips and a trailer for season two. Rebecca added that the team would be fighting other literary character like Shakespeare’s Prospero, Queens of Hearts, and Frankenstein among many others.

Dean Devlin went more into the making of the series when he described how the cast would develop their characters with the writing staff, offering some input into the episodes. The writer says that the show is still family-friendly and season two will have the same tone as the last season. Devlin added that whatever happened in season one would be important in the development of season two as the Librarians continue to cure the main Library and putting the magic back into the Library and away from the public. Season two will also bring back Flynn for a couple of episodes while Noah will also be directing one for the series. Just like the season finale last year, season two would also do another parallel universe episode. The executive producer even mentioned that there would be references from the movie series that will be addressed in season two.

The panel ended with some Q&A from fans. Lindy Booth was asked about her preparation for the role and whether she was a fan of the film series in which she answered that she has watched the films prior to getting the part in the TV series due to her love for Noah Wyle’s work. The cast was also asked what they liked about last season with Rebecca and Kim saying they favored the finale while Lindy and Kane liked the Christmas episode.

The 2-hour second premiere of season two airs on November 1st, 2015.

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