5 Ways to Prepare for a New Movie Release

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Do you watch all the latest film trailers and count down the days to the next big film release? If so you’re not alone. There are plenty of film fans out there who simply can’t wait to see the latest production on the big screen – after all going to the cinema on the opening night of a new production is one of the best things you can do.

If you simply can’t wait for a movie to preview, however, fear not as there are things you can do to keep your mind occupied. Here are several ways you can prepare for an epic new release.

1. Read the book

If the film you are longing to see is an adaptation of a famous book, why not read the original novel? Flicking through the chapters should kill some time and will help you familiarise yourself with all the plot lines and characters. Pick out sections that you think would work well in a movie and make a note of them for a later date. If you consider yourself something of a film-maker you could even decide who you might cast and decide how you would shoot particular scenes.

2. Watch the rest of the saga

Many movies are part of a series these days, so it would be a good idea to re-watch the first few DVDs of your favourite saga. Start from the very first film and make your way through the rest until you are completely up-to-date and ready for the latest instalment. This will help you remember things about the plot and will help you enjoy the new movie even more when it comes out in the cinema.

3. Go on Twitter

For all the latest film news why not log onto Twitter and follow other film fans? You’ll be surprised at the amount of information you can find out online and you might even be able to follow the film you want to see. Films including Harry Potter and Paranormal Activity 3 have their own accounts and regularly keep fans updated with all the latest gossip. So, if you’re waiting for a new release, go online and chat to other film fans.

4. Sign into Facebook

Social media is an excellent way to share your excitement about a particular movie with other like-minded people. Many Facebook film pages run regular competitions and quizzes and you might even be able to win yourself a couple of free tickets. Facebook is also a great place to discover film gossip and to view unseen footage – so don’t miss out.

5. Blog

If you are excited about an upcoming movie, why not set up your very own film blog and share all your thoughts and opinions with the online community? Tell your readers why you want to see a particular film and explain your reasons. Maybe post your very own film reviews and share your own film-making experience. Use your blog to both ask and answer questions and try to encourage people to comment.

So if you’re eagerly awaiting the next epic production, why not extend your knowledge about the upcoming release? Not only will this enhance your viewing experience, but it will also keep you occupied before the previews begin.

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