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FilmBook’s Purpose (About Us)

FilmBook is a independently-owned, entertainment industry news website. Reporting on the film (mainstream and independent) and television show (broadcast, cable, streaming service) industries, FilmBook is the go-to source for the ever-evolving, plugged-in, and media-hungry generation.

FilmBook publishes film & TV show reviews, news articles, trailers, editorials, and podcasts. We attend film & TV festivals and conventions and publish articles, reviews, and Periscopes from those events.

FilmBook publishes weekly news columns: ‘Box Office,’ ‘DVD / Blu-ray Releases,’ ‘Now In-Theater‘, and ‘Movie News Weekly‘ (a video recap of the top stories from that week). FilmBook also publishes the weekly editorial ‘The Bottom Line‘ (about that week’s theatrical releases) and the weekly podcast ‘The Animation Podcast‘ about animation news from that week.

Referenced in the New York Times, a Google News source, and a IMDb NewsDesk Partner, our numerous unique visitors read 90-120 thousand pages a month (during peak months) because they’re fascinated and intrigued by what we have to say concerning the news stories we report on. They engage with and follow us via social media because we entertain while edifying them on the latest breaking news.

Founded in 2008, FilmBook is based in the United States with writers in New York, California, Utah, Canada, and England. FilmBook has a Page Rank of 4, an Alexa Global Rank of 436,545, 292 other websites link to us46 thousand of its URLs have been added to Google’s Index, and our Sitemap, and Google News-optimized Sitemap are updated each day.


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FilmBook’s Executive Team, Staff Writers, and Contributors

Rollo TomasiRollo Tomasi

A college graduate who started FilmBook in 2008. Cinema and TV addict. Former writer at Empire Movies, Blogcritics, and Alternative Film Guide. In addition to writing for FilmBook, he also edits the copy published on the website, manages its writing staff, manages the back-end operations, site finances, its social network accounts, and works with publicists, actors, and companies on press coverage and promotions. He has also created ProMovieBlogger and Trending Awards.

Position: Founder / Editor-in-Chief / Head Writer
Coverage Location: CT / NYC
Author of these articles
Email Address: filmbook AT film-book Dot com
Google+ Page: Rollo Tomasi

Sam JosephSam Joseph

Sam is an Avid consumer/observer of Geek culture, and collector of Fanboy media from earliest memory. Armchair sociologist and futurist. Honest critic with satarical­­ if not absurdist­­ wit with some experience in comics/ animation production.

Position: TV / Film Critic, News Writer
Coverage Location: Brookyln, NYC
Author of these articles
Email Address: samjoseph AT film-book Dot com

Mike SmithMichael Smith

Mike Smith is an avid filmgoer from New York who loves to hear his own voice – luckily his work as a podcaster on FilmBook allows him to do just that. Mike graduated from The College of Saint Rose in Albany with a degree in communications, and is ready to dole out critical analysis of all your pop culture fixations. Mike is the host of FilmBookCast and can frequently be seen at his local movie theater, patiently explaining to his friends that Superman Returns is a misunderstood masterpiece.

Position: Podcast Editor, TV / Film Critic
Coverage Location: Albany, NYC
Author of these articles
Email Address: mike.smith AT film-book Dot com

Drew StelterDrew Stelter

Drew is a 25-year-old film buff. A native Utahan, he attends the Sundance Film Festival annually. He is a member of the Salt Lake Film Society. In a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he attended the Oscars Red Carpet on March 2, 2014, after winning an essay contest through the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. At any given time he can be expected to be conversing via movie quotes.

Position: TV / Film Critic, News Writer
Coverage Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Author of these articles
Email Address: drew.stelter AT film-book Dot com

Nick DeNittoVictor Stiff

Born and raised in Toronto, Victor has spent the past decade using his love and knowledge of the city to highlight and promote significant cultural events such as TIFF, The IIIFA awards, and the Anokhi Gala. He is an avid reader of Sci-fi and Horror and constantly sits through indie film marathons in rabid anticipation of the genre’s next great film auteurs. He also contributes sci-fi and fantasy movie reviews to www.zone-six.net

Position: Film / TV Critic
Coverage Location: Manhattan, NYC
Author of these articles
Email Address: victor.stiff AT film-book Dot com
Google+ Page: Victor Stiff

Brian FireBrian Fire

Brian is a screenwriter and visual fx Artist who loves science fiction, drama and follows many Tv shows. He is a versatile writer who is published and has written copy for: CompUsa, The California State Lottery and Princess Cruise lines. Every year he attends The Sundance Film Festival and the San Diego Comic Con filling up on his other passions…indie films, comic books and video games.

Position: Film / TV Critic
Coverage Location: Los Angeles, California
Author of these articles
Email Address: brian.fire AT film-book Dot com

Deyan AngelovDeyan Angelov

Deyan is a college student that has studied English for ten years in his home country Bulgaria. He has worked as a proof-reader and a translator for several online employers. He has worked for MyLikes.com and Lolzparade, where he was among the top image/video/text gallery producers, with a concentration on popular entertainment involving fashion, sports, film, music, etc.

Position: TV / Film Critic, News Writer
Coverage Location: London, England
Author of these articles
Email Address: deyanangelov AT film-book Dot com

Nick DeNittoNick DeNitto

Nick DeNitto graduated with Honors from Adelphi University. He began writing movie reviews in middle school and has worked tirelessly to mold his own unique critical voice. He is currently affiliated with the National Board of Review and hopes that one day he is remembered as “The People’s Film Critic.”

Position: Film / TV Critic
Coverage Location: Staten Island, NYC
Author of these articles
Email Address: nick.denitto AT film-book Dot com
LinkedIn Page: Nick DeNitto

Marco MargaritoffMarco Margaritoff

I grew up in Hamburg to a German father and Ecuadorian mother. Obsessive student of film, Hip-Hop, and stand-up comedy. I love the dark dreambox that is the cinema auditorium. I love mountains and the ocean, but am equally exhilarated by the jungle of the city. I hope to one day create something that hits someone in the brain with thunderous effect.

Position: Movie News / Film Critic
Coverage Location: Brooklyn, NYC
Author of these articles
Email Address: marco.margaritoff AT film-book Dot com
LinkedIn Page: Marco Margaritoff
Instagram Page: Marco Margaritoff
Tumblr Page: Marco Margaritoff
Facebook Page: Marco Margaritoff


I am a lover of all things film and a published poet with a law degree from Howard University School of Law. As a self-professed couch potato, I can usually be caught watching anything produced by Joss and Jed Whedon. My favorite TV shows include the Buffy & Angel Series, Sons of Anarchy, Oz, and The Shield. My favorite current TV shows are …TBD. So for now, I am open to everything on TV and even Netflix, which is doing big things. A D.C. native that frequents local and international film festivals, you can catch my film reviews at PopcornMovieMaiden.blogspot.com

Position: TV Critic
Coverage Location: Washington, D.C.
Author of these articles
Email Address: PopcornMovieMaiden AT film-book Dot com
Website: PopcornMovieMaiden

Thomas FairfieldThomas Fairfield

Hailing from the wild, wild West of Barstow, California, and now residing in San Diego, California, I write on various aspects of pop culture from both entertainment and sociological perspectives. The very portrait of autistic savant, I can tell you a lot about obscure characters, shows, and graphic novels, and video games I have a passion for, along with many of the fundamentals in those media.

My perspectives, not always popular, but always interesting, have gained me notoriety. Since the death of Roger Ebert, I’m the only person (to my knowledge) that likes Cars 2 better than Toy Story 3. I prefer Cities XL to SimCity 4. I listen to The Millionaires and Blood on the Dance Floor. (Note: I also listen to more widely-esteemed musicians.) I hate the new Batwoman series and enjoyed Judd Winnick’s writing for DC.

If you like my work on FilmBook, be sure to check out my personal media blog at http://entertainmentexaminer.blogspot.com/

Position: TV Critic
Coverage Location: Barstow, California
Author of these articles
Email Address: thomas.fairfield AT film-book Dot com
LinkedIn Page: Thomas Fairfield
Google+ Page: Thomas Fairfield

Mathieu BrunetMathieu Brunet

My name is Mathieu Brunet (it’s French) a.k.a. AnitMat and I have been an independent film critic for the past 5 years. My passion is animation and I’ve been writing and making my own video reviews of animated features on my YouTube channel (ElectricDragon505), which now has about 32,000 subscribers, housing videos with total views over 10,000,000. I am the creator of Electric Dragon Productions which includes AniMat’s Reviews and AniMat’s Classic Reviews.

Position: Video News Reporter / Podcaster
Coverage Location: Canada
Author of these articles
Email Address: mathieu.brunet AT film-book Dot com
YouTube Page: ElectricDragon505
Facebook Page: Animation Lookback

Steven BuenoSteven Bueno

I regularly keep up with Gotham, The Flash, Constantine, Daredevil, and Arrow along with any animated movie DC releases. I have no personal preference when it comes to any comic book company but am a fan of the visual genre in general.

I grew up in the 90’s and was lucky enough to grow up with both the Batman series and the Superman Animated series along with shows like Teen Titans and even kept up with short lived series like young justice. I regularly keep up with the latest news on future movie/television adaptations of comic books.

Position: TV Critic / Podcaster
Coverage Location: San Diego, California
Author of these articles
Email Address: steven.bueno AT film-book Dot com
Facebook Page: The League of Ordinary Gentlemen
SoundCloud Page: The League of Ordinary Gentlemen


FilmBook’s Story

In the beginning…I decided to start a movie website of my own in January of 2008. It was a simplistic website but an informative one.

By 2009, things were going well: we had a Google Page Rank of 3 by this point but then we hit a major bump in the road, resulting in a near catastrophe. That experience and its result are written about below:

After that nightmare ended and some time passed, FilmBook upgraded to a newer, more professional looking website. New contributors starting submitting content and we were upgraded from a Google Page Rank of 3 to 4.

In 2011, we had our first custom website built for this URL.

Also in 2011, we were accepted into IMDb as a NewsDesk Partner.

Imdb Logo

In 2012-2013, FilmBook added two new writers, William Kryjak and Romney J. Baldwin, and endured one of the worst advertising fiascoes we have ever encountered. That experience and its result are written about below:

Between 2013-2014, we added six new writers (Sam Joseph, Michael Smith, Deyan Angelov, Shanee Edwards, Nick DeNitto, Drew Stelter) and we were admitted into five national and international film festivals and conventions for the first time:

New York Film Festival

New York Film Festival 2013

New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con 2013 Logo

London Film Festival

BFi London Film Festival 2013

Sundance London Film Festival

Sundance London 2014 Logo

Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival Logo

In 2014-2015, FilmBook added more writers (Victor Stiff, Brian Fire, John Sammon, Tyler Morgan, Lindsay Bern, Thomas Jenkins, Thomas Fairfield, K. Andrew Turner, and Kat Smith) and introduced a new department, Podcast.

iTunes Logo

All of the Podcasts were accepted into iTunes (FilmBookCast, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, Constantine, The Flash, Film Review, Gotham, The Walking Dead), Stitcher, Player FM, Tune In, and in many other mp3 listening and subscribing venues.

We were admitted into the Sundance Film Festival for the first time:

Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival 2015 Logo

In 2015, FilmBook added more writers (Steven Bueno, PopcornMovieMaiden, Mina Wahab, and Shivangi Patel) and introduced the Fear the Walking Dead Podcast, The Complete Works Podcast, The Animation Podcast as well as the news video series Movie News Weekly.

In 2017, FilmBook was added to Google News as one of its official news sources.

Google News Logo

FilmBook‘s history is ever expanding. Check back frequently for new developments.